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Camping at Sunset Beach with Tembara Cruise Tuaran, Sabah

The sunset is nice huh!

There are 2 things that I underestimated Tembara, one was that I thought it will be JUST a another sunset (boy, was I wrong). Second, it is gonna be JUST another cruise (yeah yeah…. I was wrong. AGAIN).

Here is my story... It’ll be short. I promise. Swear (eyes rolling). We took the cruise, nothing fancy shmancy… Eh! Wait, let me back track abit.

First, we reach the Tembara Cruise jetty with the expectation that it is gonna be easy (I mean, susah sangat ke naik cruise. Duh….. ) but noooo…. We were required to experience cycling and kayaking. I was game on the cycling part, we were taken to the end point ie by the river (looks like a tiny beach to me), I saw a BBQ pit there… I remembered telling myself that it is a great spot to lepak and have picnic (BBQ would be better of course). It is also a great spot for Instagram. Swimming, nahhh…. I won’t remember as it is a huge river, there are currents kan.

After all the picture taking stuff, we cycled back to Tembara. Then we bumped into dogs in a verge of a fight, and guess what, one of my friend provoked it and they came running towards them. Since I was the last cyclist I decided to stop and not proceed, fearing the dog my turn around a chase me instead… my quick badass mind told me to turn right and into this huge compound and remain calm, and I did just that. Rupa-rupanya I turned into a cemetery, hemmm…. It is senja mind you. At that point of time, kena gigit anjing would probably be better than stuck in a cemetery at senja. Hahhahahaa….

I saw few folks waving at me (orang betul ke nih? Yup, that thought did cross my mind). They told me to come over as there were 3-5 dogs ‘running-amok’ (overdramatizing the whole situation, the dogs menyalak-nyalak ajer [acah gangster ler tew]). Anyway, the guide came to ‘escort’ me back to the Tembara. They then ask us to do a swap, those the cyclists are to experience the kayak and vice versa. I did not do the kayak so nothing to write lah kan *meh*.

The highlight
We were taken for a sunset cruise and my expectation was that we will be on the boat looking over the yonder kinda thingy. But to my surprise, we went to this island (if not, a peninsular of some sort) to catch the sunset and Sabah being Sabah, the hues were breathtaking. I was speechless.

This would be a cool thing to do
Camping (2 Days 1 Night Camping by the Sunset Beach)
Adult     : RM150 p/pax
Kids       : RM105 p/pax (4 to 12years old)

2 Days 1 Night Camping At The Beach
Day 1 - 3.30pm
In-house guide to conduct a safety briefing on kayaking (Depending on the currents, it’ll take approximately 30 - 60 minutes to the lagoon & Sunset Beach)
Put your tent up & make a bonfire before night fall. Once done, you'll then be transferred back to the jetty by boat for dinner and to freshen up.
Take the boat to watch fireflies making their appearance amidst mangrove.
Head back to your camp to enjoy the rest of the day.

Day 2 - 7.00am
Packed breakfast ready.
Depart back to the jetty by 7 o'clock.

Cost includes sunset kayak, life jacket, rescuer, guide, camping tent, campfire, dinner, fireflies sighting, packed breakfast, security guard and drinking water.

Yes, ala-crate package is allowed
Only Tembara’s guest are allowed to go to the Sunset Beach (private beach)
Camping will be at the Sunset Beach *smile, wink, kiss*
Tembara respond time on their social media platform is 48-72hrs.

Tuaran, Sabah
Call: +60 16 838 3525
WhatsApp: +60 16 479 5319

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