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Ikan Bakar Sepuh | A Lenggong Delicacy

I have heard of Lenggong being a place where unique delicious food being served but am yet to experience it, the most was ikan pekasam (my absolute favourite, ikan pekasam over daging pekasam anytime for me). As for ikan pekasam (nak gak mention), it must be fried with bawang and cili api, and to be eaten with air asam and nasi panas2. Sumpah sedap giler hokkay.

Anyway, back to my unique Lenggong delicacy shall we. This time around, our lunch was at Warung Nasi Talam Ikan Bakar Sepuh in Lenggong (obviously) and I tried this 3 unique dishes :
  • Ikan Bakar Sepuh (Ikan bakar disaluti air kerabu) – I was made to understand that this is a Kampung Beng delicacy. Betul ke? Can anyone share some insights please
  • Sayur Kerabu (pucuk paku, taugeh [crunchy], bawang)
  • Sambal kelapa eaten with ulam (pucuk putat, timun, lambuk keladi)

And I fell in love with all this 4 delicacies (kat KL mana nak cari yek?).
Since it is so hard to find them in KL, I googled and asked around. Tadaaa…. Sharing the recipe with you guys, so if ada salah or pernambahan/kekurangan do inform and share yah.

Before we start, perhaps I should explain what is ‘kerabu’ to the non-local/Malaysian. Kerabu is usually associated with local salad, it is eaten with kerabu paste or sambal/chili paste. There’s many type of kerabus in Malaysia, some are just mix veges, some are mangoes with anchovies, and some are eaten with rice (Nasi Kerabu), so on and so forth.

Grilled/fried fish coated with kerabu gravy/Ikan Bakar Sepuh

Grilled/fried Fish
  • Turmeric powder
  • Salt to taste
  • Banana/turmeric leaf
  • You can use/fry either Tilapia, Jelawat (Sultan Fish or Hoven's Carp) or Loma fish
Kerabu Gravy Ingredient
  • Onion – slice thinly
  • Fresh chili - slice thinly
  • Birds-eye chili – slice thinly
  • Vietnamese coriander leaves – slice thinly
  • Coconut milk - mix with warm water
  • Kerisik (fried [without oil] grated coconut paste)
  • Salt to taste
Grilled/fried Fish
  • Coat fish with turmeric powder and salt
  • Use banana/turmeric leaf to wrap the fish
  • Grill/deep fry the wrapped fish
Kerabu Gravy Ingredient (No cooking required)
  • Mix all the ingredients together

To serve

  • Plate the grilled/deep fried fish
  • Coat fish with the kerabu gravy and ready to serve
Ok ok… jom try masak, tengok jadi ke tak.

By the way, these are Warung Nasi Talam Ikan Bakar Sepuh other flavoursome dishes that you mush must try - Sayur Kerabu (pucuk paku, taugeh), Ulam Mentah with Sambal Kelapa (pucuk putat, timun, lambuk keladi), Gulai Kawah Daging with Umbut Pisang and Sup Putih Sayur Lemak Labu.

Warung Nasi Talam Ikan Bakar Sepuh
Kantin JKR, Kg Batu Dinding

Mobile : 017-567 4329

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