Thursday, January 14, 2021

River Kayaking at Sg Beruk in Gerik, Perak

It was complicated but after googling the right name for 'berkayak di jeram', I'm settling with White Water Kayaking.
I mean... 'jeram' is rapid in English, so should it be rapid kayaking? Or kayak at river rapid? Or perhaps... 'rempit kayaking'. Hahhahaha…. Well, I've experienced white water rafting 3 times and I loving it like crazy, did tubing twice and totally in love with it (Bali was more of a canyon with rapids experience and Endau Rompin Selai was more flat but with challenging rapids as well). BUT kayaking at river rapids, this definitely the first. (Statement giler nampak show-off)

After my experiences with a few rapid rides, I kinda expected what’s in for me and I doubt it will be as tough as Endau Rompin Selai nor WWR in KKB (Technical giler). Having said that… suspense lah jugak sebenarnya.
We went upstream via a pick-up truck of what us Malaysians call Hilux, tak kisah lah whether it’s a Triton, Navara, Ford Ranger or whateverthing, citenya kat Malaysia it is called – HILUX 🙄
. Kapish! Ahaks! We then were asked to pick our kayaks (Oh gosh! Sebab we traveled with influencerS kan, hence most of the bright/fun/cun colours were picked first. Obviously!) Some of us kayaked in pairs, some brave soul took single kayak. Eyta pun went solo hokkay. Tabik!

The ride was chill-chill jer, the rapids wasn’t that hard nor were there many boulders… so for you first time out there, easy peasy sangat. The only part that I would caution you guys is to avoid riverbank as there a many thorny trees that might prick you. Stay away from them tau. The whole ride probably takes you an hour or so depending on water level, technicality, how long you lepak at the half-way point and etc. It ends at Castella Café where you have your meal in the water.
Do note that reservation need to be made if you plan to have lunch at Castella Café, walk-ins are not entertained.

1. As usual, toksah dok mai masa school holidays and public holidays, orang jadi ghamai sampai tak mau-mau (read in utagha dialect).
2. If you are familiar with the term ‘kepala air’ or ‘large column of water’, then avoid rainy season and paddle fast fast if you hear thunders and lightning .
3. Parking is limited, you might need to park by the road side. Any side, all side but not side by side cos double parking is a no-no.
4. Bring own litter bag and dispose your sampah sarao at your house or at proper a prober bin.
5. Do not pluck any plant, ruin our beloved rainforest.
6. Bring sunblock and wear them, jangan pulak bring but don’t wear. Facepalm.

7. If you own a rashguard, where them… cos (a) hot sun and (b) thorny trees
8. Wear wet shoes (yang orang pakai gi snorkeling/diving tuh, below RM40 at Decathlon)
9. Where tights/legging/shorts…
10. There’s limited changing room/toilet so please don’t hog them
11. Bring change of clothes, shampoo, soap and towel – bawak jer toiletries bag tuh.
12. Hair comb dilupa jangan, else you risk of looking like a Lion King-lost-in-Gerik. Hahhahahha…
Verdict : A MUST MUST TRY!

Kampung Padang Stang
Mukim Kerunai Gerik
Contact : Khairul Azmi
Mobile : +6019-608 0684
FB Page : Kayak Gerik
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