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A Royal Belum houseboat adventure

Regardless of how many a time you came to Royal Belum, it will always foster a different vibe – new experience, new fun, new learning, and all this with a new sets of friends. The same for this time around, all 3 times were with different sets of friends doing different things hence, I enjoy Royal Belum to pieces.

My first time here was a new experience all together, it was my first time to Royal Belum and on a houseboat. Not only that, it was the first time I encounter rafflesia as well the Jahai tribe. My second trip was slightly different if I may say so myself. We stayed on at the Royal Belum Resort on Tasik Banding, and it. was. ah-meh-zing. We took a boat ride and trekked as well. And in this trip, ah…. Lemme tell you about this trip …

First thing first :
1. The jetty is brand new hokkay. It is no more a jetty, it’s a freaking jetty complex! With shops and cafes, and all… When I was saw the complex, I was like ‘Eh! Eh! Eh! Tuh baru, dulu takde tuh, banyak nye boat, houseboat lain-lain mana, malam pun bukak lagi ke…’ were some of the questions asked. But obviously, no one responded nor entertained me. Chit!!! Penah jer I tanya
2. This boathouse was huge… like H.U.G.E! 3 levels high. I was told that it can fit up more than 30 pax. Dah macam hostel bergerak dah ni.
3. This houseboat has rooms (note : plural). Each room can fit up to 4 pax (double deck), it also has a VIP room.
4. The common/dining/karaoke hall is a proper setting ie tables/chairs and etc. My previous houseboat was pretty much free sitting ie on the floor.
5. There’s plenty of kayak for everybody. Like every single body, rakit pun ada.
6. They have good cooks. Ni penting hokkay.

7. No more Kampung Aman Damai. Different kampong, at different place now, with different family/villagers.
8. This trip we covered Kooi Waterfall, where else I covered Ruok Waterfall. Kooi Waterfall is very very beautiful.

Above was the big difference I spotted as compared to my earlier trips (more than 6 years ago I think), and I am happy to say that the changes were for the best. Kudos Perakians!

We were lucky that we were able to spot a few rafflesias and one that was blooming. It wasn’t a tough hike but since I am not as thin and sporty as Della, I huffed and puffed a lot…. The result was fantastic. Not complaining here (And also because I know Della will be reading this 😏). However, I did not climbed to get close to the rafflesia as it was steep (Yea lah tuh! Lier!).

And this trip we were lucky that they took us to check-out the Saltlick area. Salt-lick or sira in Malay language is basically an area containing minerals that provides nutrition to some animals. Due to tropical rainforests plats are often low in minerals ie sodium hence animals such as elephants, gaur and barking deers often come to this area to obtain these minerals; in which help their health and digestion. There’s a few saltlicks area in Royal Belum, namely Sira Papan, Sira Rambai and Sira Kejar. Souvenirs that often one brings back from visiting saltlick Sira Papan are pacat.

And of cause there’s kayaking, truthfully this is actually a kayak trip that they included other tourism product to mengaburi mata weolls. I boleh baca permainan Della ngan Ed tauuu… And I love love love you guys for this. Simply love all the kayak places/experiences, NOW I can officially call myself a PROFESSIONAL kayaker dah now (fliphair).

Houseboat Activities
- Kayaking 🚣‍♀️
- Bamboo rafting 🚣‍♂️
- Swimming 🏊‍♀️
- Boating 🚤

- Fishing 🎣
- Karaoke 🎶
- Boardgame 🃏
- Sleeping 🛌
- Eating 🥙

Houseboat : Arus Belum
Contact : Tuan Hj. Shansuddin
Mobile : +6019-526 0067

All in all, I highly recommend you guys to experience houseboating in Royal Belum, it is a great place to spend a short holiday with families and friends. In fact, you can also charter it for teambuilding activities.

Photo credit
Rafflesia : Gaya Travel Magazine

#TravelPerakLah Lenggong & Royal Belum Media Fam Trip 2020 is in collaboration with Tourism Perak and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel Magazine as media coordinator.

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