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9 Things To Do in Teluk Intan Heritage Trail

Heritage trail has become increasing popular these days in major cities and heritage towns, an activity that I often look forward to during my travel.
The Teluk Intan Heritage Trail (you need drive around for this, not doable on foot) that I partake is the standard historical sites that what we normally see and experience but the river cruise heritage trail (Yup! RIVER) is simply delightful, it was a heritage trail + eco-tourism combined therefore I highly encourage you guys to give a try. But of course, you need to be like me lah… ie. ask lotsa and lotsa questions else it will be just another river cruise.

Teluk Anson
During Perak British Resident; Sir Hugh Low proposed to rename Teluk Mak Intan to 1882 Teluk Anson. Teluk Anson was named after Major General Sir Archibald Anson, its town planner back then.

Teluk Intan Heritage Trail (both on foot and drive)

1. Old Police Station / Central Station

The earliest British colonial building built by the British and completed in 1882, back then it was used as a taxation and customs office for Teluk Anson. However, in 1941 the Japanese took over the building and used it as headquarters during the Japanese occupation. It was said that interrogation and tortures took place here. There were also saying that there’s a tunnel that linked the Old Police Station to the Old Court House.

2. Old Court House

Construction of the courthouse started in 1891, almost 10 years after the Old Police Station and was completed in 1893. This same building as also used as an Anglican Church for Sunday Mass prior to the completion of the St. Luke Anglican Church in 1912 of which is still being used today.

3. Post Office
The Teluk Intan Post Office is just a walking distance from Old Police Station, Old Court House as well as Hongkong and Shanghai Bank building. The post office in hay day remains as a post office in 2021. It was said that in the olden days, it serves as a place where the locals send mail, voter registration and where one kept his saving. Not only that, even lottery tickets were sold at the post office. How interesting.

4. Hongkong and Shanghai Bank Building
This standalone HSBC building in Teluk Intan existed for more than 70 years and still standing strong. You can reach the Church of St Luke the Evangelist from HSBC as it takes 5-7 mins walks across the field.

5. Church of St Luke the Evangelist
In operation since 1701 was the spiritual administration for the British Colonial Officials and civilians. And the locals that attended the service were largely the migrant workers from India. It was a wooden church with nave, chancel and its high ceiling roof that reminded me of Olaf church in Frozen. The church bell was brought all the way from England.

6. Madrasah Al-Ihsaniah
This semi wooden building was the home to the Tuan Guru Haji Muhd Salleh Bin Muhd Taib, a religious scholar from Minangkabau, Indonesia. The beauty of the mosque is that I was wakaf-ed by Sultan for the public to learn Quran and religious studies. The building was renovated and has seen stood still till this date.

7. Hock Soon Keong Temple
Just across the street from Madrasah Al-Ihsaniah is the Hock Soon Keong Temple where most of its worshipper are from Fujian. This 1883 temple was based on Ming and Ching Dynasties architecture. I exceptionally love the carving on the ceiling describe as ‘three concentric stepped octagons of intricately carved, three-pronged bamboo shoots surround two rings of painted circling bats, symbolizing prosperity, and a shallow central floral dome’ – Teluk Intan Heritage website.

8. Sungai Kerawai Elephant Memorial
I would say this is the most underrated story of Teluk Intan not known to many. The legendary story of train derailment that happened some 125 years ago between train and and angry elephant bull. The story goes that the matured elephant avenged its baby that was killed by the train at the same location. This incident happened in 17th September 1894 and no casualties reported. Talk about elephant memory. Phew…

9. Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan
The ever so famous - Chinese pagoda architecture Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan. Similar (the leaning part) to Pisa, Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan was originally built in 1885 and has tilted since the big flood in 1895. The tower has many purposed, namely :
  • Water management system of the British at times of draught
  • Water supply in event of fire
  • Clock tower
  • Commemorating the British Administration
  • Serves as Teluk Intan landmark for ships traversing the Perak River

There are a few more that we did not manage to cover due to time constraint, perhaps in another trip kot. Ideal days in Teluk Intan? 3D2N.

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