Thursday, July 2, 2009

10 years of blogging to catch up….

.... starting with

Yup! True! 10 years, sigh… Let's see, Italy is not the country that kick-start my travel-bug - for sure. But it is definitely the one country where I don’t mind going twice, thrice, fourice (!?!?) hahahah…. (not sure there is such word). The best way to rattle about Italy is to break the cities by entry, there is no where I can “brag” it in one entry. I do hope I can do it justice as I have a feeling I'm gonna miss out some of the good stuff here and there (after all, I went there 10 years ago).

Well, our entry/exit point is obviously Rome (I mean where else right, duh Lily!), the minute we landed we checked in into Selene Hotel WHICH rated 3-4 stars on their front entrance. I remembered the front office was very proud of it.

We did a quick city tour around Rome upon arrival. Stop by
Emanuele II Monument or better known as the Typewriter Building; since we went in a big group, we couldn’t run across the street to take good pictures (and ofcos at that point of time, I don’t have a camera of my own also lar. sob sob).

Am sure you guys have seen this staircase in a lot of books/movies/posters etc, well; it’s like a “dataran” or a meeting point where everyone will lepak at the steps or around the area while waiting for their friends. The view in front of Spanish Steps…. Ta daa…. Gianfranco Ferre/Channel etc (hey! they have Sogo too). Yup! All the branded stores are there! Me? I sit at the steps lar (duh!).

Colosseum, have always wanted to visit this place. Back then, before “googling” was popular (exist!); I have to hang out at bookshops to check out on countries or places. And what I thought I knew certainly didn’t prepare me for what I was about to see in front of me. It’s like “DOUBLE JAW DROPPING WOW!” Yeah! Even WOW was under rated. I mean… you have to understand here… this place can fit 50,000 spectators, 12-15 story building, WELL PLANED emergency escape, able to convert into armada fighting “show” (to the aristocrat) etc etc etc (the list goes on and on and on). Apparently, even NG simulate the whole Colosseum and base on their research, it suggested that the whole place was covered with sailing canvas (need verification here). Remember! Remember! Remember! This building was build hundreds of years ago, with no machinery whatsoever! Unfortunately, we couldn't go inside the arena. Sigh... what a spoiler lar!!!

smallest country in the world! The Vatican City! With only 0.2 square miles. My Unesco site achievement! Having said that it’s the smallest country in the world, the cathedral size is surely NOT!, this cathedral is super mega HUGE! Check out the door size versus human - goodness gracious!

Ah! I recalled Auntie Tessie when inside the cathedral and pray, then Abang Syed said that this must be the Mekah version to Auntie Tessie; I burst out laughing.
By the way, do you know that Vatican only issues diplomatic and official passports and held by mostly clergymen and others who represent the entity abroad. They even have their own currency (btw, total population is around 900 people ONLY).

Next city, Florence....

Credits : Wiki, Selena Hotel, Gianfranco Ferre, Channel, Great Building, & Unesco

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