Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pizza? Piazza? Pisa!

Pisa - The Leaning To

Pisa Pisa Pisa….. When I was young I always thought it is spelled as Pizza and that this is birth place of Italian finest Pizza… silly aren’t I. Well…. You can’t blame all of it on me; we don’t have google back then… (plus the fact that am too LAZY to read lar). I have no expectation on Pisa sincerely, except for the tower that was leaning and still leaning. Heheheh…. Told most of my friends who haven’t been there that the only thing you can see in Pisa is The Leaning Tower of Pisa and nothing else. SERIOUS! I think it was a 2 hours or so train trip via coastal road (by the way, the view is superb, highly recommend you guys to try), we reach the train station, our coach pic us up. It took us to the tower of which you can see from afar….

You tend to get excited and giddy at the same time not knowing what to expect… then…. Wah la……. The Leaning Tower of Pisa before you eyes. JUST the leaning tower with it’s baptist church, monumental cemetery and “huge lawn” where lotsa of student lepak (lazing). After all the excitement of photo taking, we asked the tour guide, where else to go from here (knowing Italy, everything but EVERYTHING is on foot), he said; itu saja (meaning “that’s it” in English). Took us to lunch area which is about 100mtr from the tower before adjourning to the bus heading to Verona. I was feeling like “cah tou” or in Malay “ek allaa…”, I don’t know how to translate that in English though, perhaps…. “you gotta be kidding me…” with eye rolling etc!??!!? Am sure you got what I meant…. Right? Right? Right!

The thing about this tower is that from the pic that I’ve been “exposed” to I assume that it’s leaning ie leaning lar kan…. Apparently, there’s cables pulling the tower so that it won’t lean further, I guess they took all precaution that is available to ensure the tower is still standing still, or perhaps LEANING STILL! They closed the tower to the public quite sometime back, dangerous I supposed.

The sight actually consist of 3 buildings, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, cathedral & the Baptist church. All great thing comes in three :)

I was told that Pisa is a university area hence you will get local student “lepaking”. Ready we are to Verona, aaahhh….. Romeo & Juliet! Just the balcony and Juliet statue, wouldn’t want to disappoint you people you see. Till then….

Credits : Wiki, Destination360, Behind The Tower, popular Mechanics

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