Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Have you ever had one of those days when your mind just went blank?

Hahahhah…. I somehow felt, this sentence is sooooo overated, you either saw in on the net or TV. Anyway, this is one of the days lar… no mood, no idea, no inspiration BUT just feel like eating chocolate. Actually right, that is the main reason, I just need something to munch munch munch, I've learnt that one tend to eat when at stress, for me…… I can’t be idle, I will need to move either my hand or mouth and more obviously now! My mouth and taste buds seems to be more demanding and controlling. THAT’S ITS, I’ll go down grab some munchkins.

Aaaaaa…. Felt better now, not that am more inspired or anything but definitely HAPPIER! Yeay!

OK! Now I need to focus on what to blog, hemmm… I kinda find blogging my ancient trips abit tougher then what I initially thought. For one thing, memory lacking, inexperience of capturing infos then (blaming it on the unavailability of internet), no research and every other excuse under the sky, moon, sun etc (in denial here!). So, here's my so called “fantastic” plan, I will jump here and there on the countries I visited (not in order) depending on… my mood. Hemmm…. That sounds like a darn good plan. Liking it already!

Now? Watching Boys Over Flower, a current Korea TV series hit. Yeah! After this whole TV series (glued like super duper elephant glue), am targeting to go… WAIT! PLANNING to go to Korea, WAIT! CONFIRMED going! With.... both my sis and I lar. Oh! Did I tell you guys before, my sis is a KOREAN freak, she said she wanna work, married and live, eat & breath KOREA (so she said, we see lar hor). At the same time, I kinda hope it’ll happen, boleh tumpang sekaki. Hehee…..

After doing some background “research”, I kinda like the idea too, perhaps; 7-14 days trip, cover all the other smaller cities as well. See the Sakura, Apricot bloom, Lavender field, blah blah blah…. I even thought of what to wear there (I‘ll tell you about my dressing quarks in next entry, am crazy on this; so I‘ve been told). AND last but not least, the entertainment industries, MUST MUST see at least one of the concert OR showcase - FT Island, 2PM, Girl Generation, Jewelry etc. But first, must loose weight (my life long battle, I can have another entry on just this alone, JUST ON THIS. Hahhahahha… should not bore you with that “YET“).

My upcoming trip?

Colmar - NO!!!!!!!! Not Colmar France (Dream on! Don’t mind going if it’s FREE though. Hint Hint Hint). Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi for my recee trip.

Broga Hill in Semenyih. This is gonna be a tough one as it’s a day trip - HIKING UP! But I know one thing for sure, the view gonna be MAGNIFICENT! Thus, I will climb, regardless…

Raya visits - not a trip par say, but nevertheless, I will blog and brag about it. Muahhaha….

The Land of the Long White Cloud - trying to see whether its do-able to blog daily for this…. Isk isk… big task here gurl!

Sabak Bernam Kelong stay - ahh….. This! you guys must try. Not that I think it will be terrific but should try to stay at least 1 day in the sea.

Hong Kong - going with a bunch of relatives…. Gonna have great fun!

Hemm… I think I have covered almost all. But first, need to rest and heal my injured knee. Till then…..

Credits : Wikipedia, Kelong Paradise, Kuan Hoong, Berjaya Hotel Resorts, Ish Gallery, Pixel Armour & scholez18


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manage to do half of the plan :D

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