Sunday, July 12, 2009

Romeo, Romeo, where are thee Romeo….

Romeo & Juliet - Star of me heart.

Ahh… Me no see no Leonardo DiCaprio answering my call here…. Sigh… Asking abit too much huh!

Alas, I get to see thee Juliet balcony “jadi lar kan”… It’s a small town, but somehow or rather I fell in love with Verona, the people are superbly friendly versus the past few town that I've visited so far. They have this “night market street” (not sure whether is there daily or just weekends or during festive season, but I felt the sincerity and warm of the locals; perhaps its not a huge tourist site thus making it more authentic. I can still remember, I love it so much that I insisted I must buy a souvenir form here, and... I bought a nougat, this longish sugary sweet almondy desert. Unlike those you get in Australia, this one taste nicer despite it more chewy. Or maybe, my love at the first sight to Verona kinda supersedes everything that’s common (yeah! I think this sounds right, ahhaha….)

That’s too much of a sidetrack, where was I…. hem…
There was this legend that say if you were to stroke her right breast brings a new lover. I did that and yet am still single…. I suppose that’s why you call it a legend. Hahanah….. Unfortunately I cant find anything much on this in google…sigh…. BUT some says you wish be rewarded with good luck. Well… lets no think about it :p

We walk quite a fair bit, mainly around the Roman Amphitheatre (The Arena) and Piazza del Comune. Because of the value and importance of its many historical buildings, Verona has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Aren’t I lucky! We stayed in Verona for 1 night and off we head to Lake Stressa….

Just before we call it a night.

Credits : Leonardo DiCaprio,, Wiki, Destination360,, Intesys

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