Sunday, July 5, 2009

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Florence… City of
Renaissance Art

Hahaaa…… the city where everyone wants to go, and all I did was a stopover :p

God! Seriously! I don’t know what & how to write on Florence. It was and IS a beautiful city nevertheless; I manage to visit few significant places. Hemm… Is this all I can come out for Florence? I need to try harder… Think Lily, THINK! You can still remember Doreamon after 10 years, am sure you can do this! (Yeah right!). *Or perhaps I cut & paste from Wiki!??! Hehhehee…. Sinful laugh*

Before I try my “level” best to describe my experience in Florence, I just remembered one beautiful place I’ve forgot to mention in previous Rome blog - The Sistine Chapel.

I remembered vividly we went into this chapel and there’s fresco on the wall, ceiling and everywhere. It has this really beautiful painting on the ceiling by Michelangelo. Contrary to popular believe, he did not paint it lying on his back (but my tour guide told me otherwise, I only knew the “truth” while googling for this blog. Tipah tertipu). In order to preserve the paint & colours, they don’t allow any pic take inside here… sigh...

Ok! Ok! Ok! Back to Florence. And ofcos, what is Florence without statue of David by Michelangelo right? (Yup! Pic got chopped off - no mindshare obviously). We walked quite a fair bit, saw a lot of cathedrals, plenty of frescos and pigeon pooh. After you been to the city, see alllll the cathedrals, suddenly they almost look the same. Not to forget, I have 5 more cities to go, if you ever need to check out more, I recommend you to visit Florence culture & tourism guide websites.

Everything you do/see will be on foot in Florence, and if the locals says it “nearby, few blocks more or just around the corner“, Oh boy! You better prepare yourself for a good LOOOOOOOOONG walk.

Me liking the tales/myth of god/goddess of Greek/Roman mythology, was excited to “bump” into Mr. Neptune’s fountain (I actually googled for Jupiter than realized, OPS! Wrong god…ehehheh, Btw, the other name is Poseidon [Greek] - God of the Sea). Fountain is fountain lar, what else for me to story right :p Throw coin, close eyes, wish, and wa laaa…. Nothing happen!! DOINK!

Feeding birdie at the city square.

Next? Pisa and city of Romeo & Juliet - Verona …….

Heheehehe…. Just my luck, Florence falls under UNESCO list since 1982. YEAY!

Credits : Mr Dowling, Wiki, Florence In Italy, Italy Guides & Thinkquest

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