Sunday, December 12, 2010

Going Home

Been away for so long.

Missing family, friends, food, facebook, blog. Arghhh...

Knowing the fact that network (and work) will minimise my access to facebook and blog PLUS that I can't access facebook in China *agony*, I have "smartly" prepared all my entries 3 weeks in advance and post to published at specific date. Hence, you noticed that I have all entries post out but minimal blog surfing to all my darling bloggers site (miss you guys!). Am catching up upon landing to Singapore on Friday and this coming week (YEAY!).

Been in Singapore since 25 November, and on 4 December flew to Beijing. Work starts from 7am and ens at 10pm...sigh. By then we were too tired and sleepy.
I posted some pics in Singapore (Marina Bay Sands Sky Park), so I thought I should do the same for Beijing.

We stayed in Loong Palace Hotel & Resort at some FAR FAR FAAAAAR away place ie outer of 5th Ring Road. Anyway....

After "surveying" the view from our Operation Room, I finally concluded the sunrise gonna look great, all I have to do is walk to the main road and snap some pics. No regrets here, glad I did it.

Can't help but snapping away.

Sigh.... Loving the scenary.

Love the sun, trees and feel.

It was really really really FAAAAAAAR. Out hotel was located outer of Ring Road 5, to go to the airport takes 1 hour, to Silk Market 1 hour, to Badaling Gate of Great Wall Of China also took us 1 hour. WHAT!!!!! Argh.... hence, due to work, journey and taxi fairs, I stayed in the hotel 98% of the time.

The view from the operation room for my team, my colleague kept laughing at me as I was the ONLY one whom are touristy ie kept snapping pics. Now they know me as the sunset and sunrise girl. Hahhahah.... Little Miss Sunshine me!

Went to Silk Market in Beijing, took me 1 hour to JUST get there!!! Argh..... and RMB80 (comes up to RM40), a very very expensive journey. It was compensated with the goodies I got here, extreme happy of cause (show you the pics in next blog *wink*). Wanted to buy more buuuuuuut... my luggage was soooooo full as I have been out of country for the last 2 weeks.

Saw this Hyundai model, love it! Hemm..... haven't seen one in Malaysia. I hope they bring this model in.

The front view, not bad huh!

The view from Silk Market while waiting for my cab.

Finally back to Malaysia (before that, I did a 2 days R&R in Singapore).

Hyperlink credits : Loong Palace Hotel & Resort


MKL said...

We have this type of Hyundai here. Gosh, Lily, where have you been? You're gonna be lost one day, where's your home? :P

Biqque said...

waaaa nice pic! camera baru la ni kan! lawaaaaaaaaaa!

Lily Riani said...


ahhahhahah..... i loike that. be going there again i think. sigh... i took up regional role covery APJ (asia pacific and japan). hence you see me on air more.


yup! happy user.

Traveller's Anatomy said...

me like the 5th photos :)

Lily Riani said...


thanks :D me too.

Team G Square said...

Hey great capture ....!

AKO @ retna said...

wah cantek arr pics tu sumer..

best x gi china? erkk china rite? which part eh?

Lily Riani said...

Team G Square,

thanks :D


thank you thank you thank you.

i gi beijing, sbb gi keje, gitu2 jek ler... the previous trip (belum blog lagi) on work ada ler i gi jalan2. nnt i blog about it.

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