Wednesday, December 29, 2010


OK! OK! For those who knows me well, would be super duper surprise of my participation in Biqque's contest, I shall call it "to memeriah kan contest" and luck trying. I normally don't stand a chance in winning (at ALL, kid you not, never had the winning luck) but according to my colleague, this month is my lucky month (we both know why *wink wink*); hence, why not kan?!?

Let's see whether I can get this right. The stories goes...

This was one of the MOST INTERESTING 2D1N trip and am yet to blog about it (so, Biqque, kira you the first one to read lar!).

I bet most of you have heard of The Amazing Race right, and I also bet some of you travelholic out there would DREAM for a try-out. Well, (NO! I did not and this is not the try-out pic either) 6 of us signed up for KLM Treasure Trail 2005 from KL-Malaysia to Jakarta-Indonesia. Similar concept to The Amazing Race; as this is the closest we can get and feel the stress, adrenaline rush and craziness (plus communication breakdown! Chicken and duck talk carries a new meaning to us when one is press for time!) they felt during the race.

The race started from KL Sentral, in the ERL itself, at KLIA, on the plane (!!! apa giler ke? we all terlari2 dalam plane cari answer, siap nak bribe stewardess lagi), in Jakarta tour bus, at the dinner restaurant AND in the hotel the next morning. The result? We got 13th placing out of 30-40 teams. Not bad for a beginner I thought (muka perasan siut!). The winner? Gets FREE tix to The Netherland! Argh.... sakitnye hati!!

Anyway, BEST giler the trip! Would I try it again?

Well, that's the tip of the iceberg for my story/contest/entry.


George said...

This sounds like a very interesting adventure. I hope you'll tell us more about it in the future.

Sympathy for The Devil said...

stopping by to wish you a happy new year!!!!


J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

It sounds like a mini adventure version of "Around the world in 80 days".

Biqque said...

netherland??? OMG!!!

tx for participating :D good luck neh!

Lily Riani said...


will do! will do!

Sympathy for The Devil,

same to you dearie.


3 days you mean... hahaha


ituler pasai... upset but yang menang tuh memang terror the merror

AKO @ retna said...

wow, best nyaaa!! masa dalam plane, mmg kena hunt ker? perghh dasat ..

Lily Riani said...


ah ah,... dia tanya config kapal terbang and another question on the in flight mag which is on a runner from netherland.

Wenny Yap said...

You never fail to add a zing to all your travelogs ... how not to catch travel bug from you?

Punya seronok dengar cerita ... if really travel with you, pasti lagi seronok la!

Lily Riani said...


kite must travel together.

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