Sunday, December 19, 2010

Orchard Christmas Wanderlust

3 countries, 3 weeks business trips, 3 Singapore trips; all within 1 month (Attempting to sound like Phil Keoghan of The Amazing Race here). Tired? Well YEAH!!

Since I've been to Singapore soooo often (after all it's only 50mins flight), I thought I know it all (sounded cocky right? Singaporean probably hates me for this, SORRY guys!). Anyway, when Maimon say lets do a night cable car ride to Sentosa Island, I was..... there's a night ride??? Then she said, we can do LUGE too. WHAT??? There's more to come okay. Sucker for all these, I; without hesitation and obediently said YES! (I mean, who in their right mind wouldn't right!?!).

So, off we go to Mount Faber Jewel Cable Car ride.

The view was magnificent, and the fact that I was traveling with kids, I felt like one too - automatically (But seriously; I have always had the biggest young kid heart! Hahhaha). Love the road lights, reminded me of those postcard pics (on a perasan mode here).

I felt that Christmas is the season where the WHOLE Singapore is being lighted up. Really....

View of Vivo City when we cable car over it. Here too is the docking for Star Cruise that set sail from Singapore-Malaysia-Phuket. Not only that, you can also take the ferry to Batam, Indonesia. AND (Yup! There's more), they have another cable car station HERE if you wish to ride, but the trip is a tad too short from Vivo City to Sentosa Island though, hence I don't think it as much fun.

OK! We did the LUGE and all, I write this on the next entry for you guys yah... plus some other yummy stuff (on my 2nd Singapore trip).

Back on Christmas, the "Maimon cable car trip" was the first Singapore trip beginning of this month, then there's my last week trip (3rd trip) which I decided to take pics of the ever so famous Christmas light on Orchard Road. You won't believe how many LOCALS and TOURIST with their point-&-shot camerasssss and DSLRssssss with tripod and all on Orchard, goodness; it was a massive human traffic jam. Hahhaha.... but this created the Christmas-y mood, so; I guess no one minds.

I thought my mom favourite mall have the nicest decor, sooo sweet and yummy looking.

Towards the end of Orchard approaching ION Mall area, lesser crowd; more space for pics taking.

Near Centre Point mall. I guess the one thing missing here is SNOW!!!

Care to share your Christmas lights story with me?

P/S : Bahiya, I got your Timberland shoe for you yah!

Credits : Vivo City, ION Orchard, Sentosa, Wikipedia & Jewel Cable Car


Dejemonos sorprender said...

Hi, beautiful city pictures.. how much lights and colours.. i will keep comming..

Martina said...

Hoe is jouw weekend? We hebben zoveel sneeuw en de lucht is heel wit! Yesterday i did some christmas-shopping and was quite succesful - only one thing is missing now! Lieve groet! xx

Liudmila said...

Very joyful place, this Singapore, mmm? It's possible to feel from every your word. Italians have the tradition to ornament the streets with the colored lamps. But I have never seen so beautiful and "lightly" place.

Lily Riani said...

Dejemonos sorprender,

thank you for dropping by my blog. do visit often.


i hope you manage to get everything on time. merry xmas. :D


yes, its in singapore. i've been to italy and you are right, they decorate the streets there too :D

Biqque said...

beautiful kan during christmas? we had our anni dulu kat sini :)

The Shanner of Attention said...

these pictures are astounding! i need to go to Singapore.

MKL said...

Great photos, Lily! I always feared taking that cable car, cuz it's sooo high above the surface. But then one day I went to Lantau island to see the big Buddha and I think that one is even higher and longer. So I guess next time I can go to Sentosa with this one :)=

Gracie said...

Those lights! The whole city is lit up and it's absolutely beautiful!

anne said...

its a beautiful city my sister is there though

Sympathy for The Devil said...

3 countries, 3 weeks business trips, WHAT?????

oh im so jealous! :))

btw, i think im having little problem with your blog, ive been following you for weeks but look at this on my dashboard:

"You have followed this URL, but we couldn't find a feed for it. Please check that the URL is correct:"

sorry if sometimes i missed your posts :(


Lily Riani said...


wah..... bestnye anni you... hubby bawak tarveling. ehhehe

The Shanner of Attention,

yes, then you drop by malaysia and I take you around to sample our food.


yes yes... you must try the langkawi one as well, you'll have butterflies. a must try.

Lily Riani said...


yes.... xmas always look beautiful :D


really, i bet she enjoying the lights there.

Sympathy for The Devil,

no problem. i love your blog, am sharing it with my niece during teh hols i bet she love it too.

Life Ramblings said...

wow, the city is so beautifully illuminated at night. it has been decades since i last visited Singapore.

Miles Of Style said...

welcome back jetsetter! i see what you mean about traveling being exhausting...i've been on the go lately as well!

love these pics you've shot...singapore looks so pretty all lit up...can't wait to see some more!!

xo, P.

Lily Riani said...

Life Ramblings,

wow! then you should revisit as it has changed alot.


finally someone who understand me :D

will be posting more stuff. merry xmas.

Y. Ikeda said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog.
I am a big fan of light up. You captured beautiful city very well.
Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

Debbie Smith said...

There's nothing better then seeing a city of lights from up above!
Beautiful pictures!!
Happy Holidays!

Lily Riani said...


thank you in return for your kind compliments, do drop by my blog more often.


couldnt agree with you more.

Ola said...

City of lights, I am impressed! really, only the snow is missing:)

Carolina Mountains said...

Everything look so bright and cheerful Happy holidays!

Lily Riani said...


yup! we need the snow down here. care to share some?

carolina mountains,

it is. thanks and merry xmas.

AKO @ retna said...

WOW, i suka tengok lampu2..
eh sentosa still open at night?? hahha i mmg nak gi sana this wiken.. yeahh nak tgk spore mode on christmas eve hehehe..

Lily Riani said...


only fireworks at night so they open on certain section jek, cost you S$5/= jek.

ag. said...

I just love these photos!!

Anonymous said...

Nice night photos of the city, I really like them.
Thanks for your comment on my blog.
Merry Christmas!

Lily Riani said...


thank you :D

mr. paparazzo,

thank you for your complements.

Traveller's Anatomy said...

i missed singapore christmas this year. Had fun last year!

I visited Mt Faber in day time, never thought it would be beautiful at night too.

Indian Sarees said...

all the pictures are awesome..realy nice..

Lily Riani said...


try it at night yah. kinda interesting/

indian sarees,

thanks for you kind complements.

Linnea said...

Wow! So many lights! It's so colorful and your shots really came out perfectly! You certainly get around. Thanks for stopping by. Happy new year to you!

Lily Riani said...


xmas is always joyous especially with all the lights. only snow thats missing :p

Charlene: the Polarblogger said...

I'm always attracted to night lights, especially when the lights are multi-colored.
Thanks for these lovely night shots. Really nice presentation.

Lily Riani said...

Charlene: the Polarblogger,

Me too, especially bright, vibrant & happy colours!

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