Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Sonata at Soraksan

A trip to remember.

The last trip (or should I say my first) to Korea was in 2002, that’s like eonssss ago. I can barely remember the details. But I do remember that I had fun ie LOADS of them. I went there with my best buddies; Anna, Erica, Angie and hubby David.

It started months earlier when we were complaining to each other that we never been to any "out of the country trip" together (we did a lot of individuals though), hence we came out with this “smart” plan that we shall visit a country where none of us been before. After loads of research (by Angie), she decided Seoul it is; despite that she been there a year or two before BUT with one CONDITION, we must take the ski trip package (to avoid redundancy in places of visit) for her sake. We agreed as usual, not much of a fussy lot we were (still are - simple Simon!).

It was kinda reasonable package back then at RM2198 full board (if I remembered it correctly), 5D4N I think. Seems like a good deal.

Since the trip was fully planned my Angie, thus lazy me don’t even remember the itinerary etc (I mean, Angie IS a super planner), all I did was take pic and look pretty. Hence, my story will be kinda brief instead of those daily detailed ones.

Upon arriving in Seoul, we were herd into the bus and it took us waaaaay out of the city, all I know is the first stop was at this restaurant for lunch where I quickly eat and went out to the front for a walk. I saw a path lead to the back which I kepoh (busybody) to check out.

WELL! WELL! WELL! What do you know, there‘s water everywhere ie SEA (or lake? Hemm…), and the beach is covered with SNOW. Boy! What a sight to behold. I ran in and told my friends and (but of cause, this usual happens) they too ran out to take pics. Hehheheh… we created quite a commotion in the tour group of 20s which am pretty sure the tour guide decided to hate us by then. Hahhahha….

We were hurriedly chase back to the bus and they took us to the temple off the cliff OVERLOOKING the sea, beach and houses.

Sigh.... Breathtaking!

There’s this thing I hate about when taking tour package, they tend to time every site seeing places giving you probably 20-30mins per venue. Argh…. That’s not enough for people like me! Must go again obviously!

Anyway, us herds were shooed again to the bus and again took us to the next destination - Soraksan National Park. It was all COVERED in snow, like really really REALLY THICK SNOW.

There’s cable cab ride on top of the mountain but due to the thick snow and strong wind, we weren’t encourage to ride. Well, with knee high snow that we can barely put forward each of our step, we obediently agreed to the tour guide. Psst.... After this, we weren’t so obedient anymore, heehheheh…… he got himself a bunch of too experience lunatic traveler on board, I bet he regretted being nice to us.
Hahahaha…. Sorry!

Next stop - Alps Resort.

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Y. Ikeda said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I enjoyed reading your travel story in Korea. I could tell that you guys really had fun! It's sort of shame that I haven't been to my neighbor country, South Korea...
Thanks for sharing and have happy Holidays.

eugene said...

Winter Sonata, hey who knows kan, if you were to stay in Korea long enough, mungkin you had become the korea drama queen already hahahahah

Lara @ Uproad said...

what a beautiful post! I wish you many wonderful trips for the next year too :)!

Lily Riani said...


loved you blog, you have amazing skill. one day i shall visit your country, soon i hope.


am drama queen whenever wherever, ahhahhaha....


thank you for your kind complements :D i pray hard to, target santorini.

iheartkiwi said...

oh my goodness that looks breathtaking! i am dying to see some snow this winter!

George said...

This looks like it was an incredible trip, even if the tour guide didn't give you enough time to get the pictures you would like at the different stops (I have the same problem). I look forward to seeing more great photos of your trip.

AKO @ retna said...

heheh last time i pegi pun still ada snow lagi kat mount soerak.. sejukk besh besh ehhee

Lily Riani said...


you guys are fortunately, malaysia is summer all year round.


yeah, thats what happen if you take tour packages, limited time, loads of places to cover. sigh... will post more.


kan kan kan!!!! but kat ski resort too cam ada blizzard, tak tahan!!!

Luna Miranda said...

traveling with friends is fun. my friends and i have been talking about traveling as a group to Cambodia. i hope it's going to push through next year. i love to experience snow, too.:p

Anonymous said...

What magical snow photos!

Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

You look so happy in the pictures, make me wanna go too. Happy New Year 2011!

Elisabeth said...

You got snow too, almost as much as we have here in Sweden. Nice to read about your trip.
Thank you for your comments on my blog.
Happy New Year!

Bananazஇ said...

Winter Sonata huh. This drama truly captured a lot of aunties heart. Lovely pixz tQ

Lily Riani said...

luna mirinda,

cambodia is fun, i hope you dream come true on traveling with friends, its gonna be loads of fun!


thanks for dropping by my blog and giving me kind comments.

Autumn Belle @ KDP,

thank you so much, i hope you get a chance to visit too.
happy 2011!

Lily Riani said...


malaysia doesnt have snow sadly, its summer all year around. the pic was taken during my trip to korea. been to sweden but there wasnt snow during my trip though.


yup! to this date, i havent watch it. i probably catch a glimpse or two but clueless of the whole series. saw alot of crying though.

Traveller's Anatomy said...

It was AWESOME dear. I nak skiing jugak. Hopefully kat Beijing punye ok nnt.

Lily Riani said...


jom jom jom kite ber-ski!

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

You are too cute in these pictures! Some of my favorites :)

Lily Riani said...


those were the days, young and innocent. ahhahah

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