Thursday, December 30, 2010

Travel Thursday | Booked in Jailhouse

Did I get your attention?

Hehehhehee.... This happened in 2009 while I was in New Zealand for a holiday. After surfing for days and weeks, Andrea and I FINALLY decided to stay in this Christchurch hostel mainly for it's name, history and cost (obviously!).

It's not a gimmick (jail is not farnie business righty? ehheheh...), it was a jailhouse ie for prisoner before this and they've converted it to a hostel for backpackers. And YES, we slept in the prison cell. Hahhahah..... a tad too adventurous right?!

It is VERY well equipped, clean, friendly, helpful and not to forget cheap too. The location is perfect; near the train station, stadium (we gotten ourselves an Il Divo concert tix), less then a minute walk to bus stop and ample parking lot.

No! It's not scary at all, well..... at least NOT at that point of time ;)

For more NZ pics, please click here.
For more Jailhouse Accommodation blog entry, please click here.


Biqque said...

got ghost or not? orang mati gantung ke ape ke...hahaha!

3plepl8 said... bike for rent as well..menariks

Lily Riani said...


masa dok, tak ingat ler bebende tuh semua. bila dah balik ada kwn tanya baru rasa takut. but seriously, ok jek. the place very very outskirt, takda kedai nearby. supermart kene jln kaki dlm 30mins.


yup! christchurch gi antartica tuh best, the wildlife reserve dia. then perhaps town tram dia tuh.. it takes you around. kecik jek pekan nih.

Liudmila said...

My God, was you not afraid to stay there? The prisons I've ever seen as museums actually were to brutal to stay there even for low price...

Happy New Year, Lily!

George said...

I hope this is the only time you stay in a jail! Actually, it looks quite clean and modern. We wouldn't know it used to be a jail without the sign out front.

Faysal said...

Never heard about this jail-turned-hotel. Its new info for me. Stay well

Gracie said...

Looks like a pretty awesome hostel. It's always a good thing if it's clean and well equipped. :)

Have an awesome new year.

Lily Riani said...


it wasnt scary really. ehheheh.... or i was too excited to be scared.

happy new year dearest!


kinda agree with you there. very extremely clean.

have a blessed new year.


me too until i went to NZ for hols. have a happy new year.


it is. you too dear. have a blessed new year and more interesting stuff for your blog to keep us glued.

Traveller's Anatomy said...

Prison known for prisoners' spirit yg takut2. Glad u had fun and mcm menarik jugak if nak stay kat sini.

Kellie Collis said...

What a wonderful adventure! Wishing you all the best for 2011! Kellie xx

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

I hope they treated you well !!
Some people would argue that staying in a hostel is like staying in Jail !! .... I know the only one that i stayed in was !! It kind of put me off a bit. Strangely enough I had to cancel a three day trip with a friend to a hostel this week due to the weather. obviously still has meaning when I try to go and I can't.
Just had a look at the pictures of your trip, what a fantastic place..... err .... I mean experience, just like the real thing on the inside. I see that the key is still on the outside !!
It's been great finding you this year. Happy New year.

Lily Riani said...


can consider... gi ler. NZ best sesangat.


thank you. same here :D


Thanks for the kind comment, I never thought it was scary perhaps I was more intrigue that i lost the fear of fear. kinda lucky on that part.
i glad i found new travelholic/blog this year too. i thought i covered alot but obviously from all you updates and info, i have a loooong way to go.

stay blogging!

Y. Ikeda said...

Wow, you guys had a unique experience there!
Thanks for commenting on my blog and I am glad to hear that you plan to visit Japan in March. March is not an ideal season for sightseeing, especially if you are into trekking mountain covered with snow.
If you arrive in late March, I would recommend you to visit southern Japan. Spring will be there and you can see cherry blossoms. Hiking Mt. Fuji in March will be tough as it is still covered with snow. I am afraid to say it's unpleasant... rather, say "risky"...
If you have detailed schedule, preferred places and things to do, please let me know. I am gladly share information with you and can give some tips!

Happy New Year.

Wenny Yap said...

Really got a shocker! Thought was the real thing. Ahhh ... New Zealand, one of my favorite 'not-yet-get-to-visit' country ... when lar?!

Lily Riani said...

Y. Ikeda,

great, i will update you once it's firm. i've bought the travel book too, planning to ask my colleague counter part in japan as well. would like you advice on where to go for nice pic shot :D


AA fly to NZ oledy, go go go!

Tina said...

sounds brilliant. i love strange and unusual places like this

Lily Riani said...


more stories coming up, stay tune.

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