Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finalising Greece Itinerary

(courtesy of google/

YUP! It's finalised! Or.... 3/4 finalised.

Hemm..... well, we do it in this way so that we don't get tied down to agenda so much and be so restricted to do stuff on the spree. Thus, since the last 1-2 trips, we have days that are left "open" and "planned loosely". Personally I thought this was smart but am sure most of you guys have been doing this all these while (dalam hati you all mesti kata, ek elllaaaaa minah nih.... ehehhe....). In other words, I nih memang sahih sahih PERASAN, kuang kuang kuang..... Tak pa, I self-admit yek *wink wink*.

OK! My itinerary was done by darling friend Ms. Andrea - I mean give it to a finance analyst to be this detail (she did the costing as well - superb huh!). However, I have removed and erased some details due to safety reason. However, if you need the softcopy, do drop a reply to my blog. I will email to you once am back and clean up the sheet.

If you noticed, there's a 3 days of sightseeing with no costing stated at all... well.. what we have "planned" is that, during this 3 days we would optimise the Hop-On Hop-Off bus as it covers all the touristy places and it comes with audio tour guide. We have done this format in few other Europe countries (HOHO pic courtesy of Hop On/Hop Off) and we find that this is easier and cost effective (tak payah pikir banyak banyak). We probably take 2 days package and the 3rd day we just stroll in the city or visit flea market and do a little souvenir shopping while waiting for our other 2 friends to join us (they have asked us to buy for them as their schedule is tighter then ours, cam tuh pun boleh lak yek).

The Hop-On Hop Off can be booked from Greece tour agencies, I plan to book upon arrival (maybe, but online booking slightly cheaper though). Few details I found from few sites to help everyone and myself:

First... PRICE (as of todate surfed - click Greece Tours for detail)

Prices - including tax
Adult Telephone Rate
: $32.36

Adult Internet Rate
: $27.36

: $5.00

Child Rate
(ages 5-15): $12.13

Child - Free
(under 5): $0.00

Length : 90 Minute (if you decide not to hop-OFF that is!)
: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily (normal lar)

: Every 30 minutes (I can wait for 30mins, ok what... hor...)

: Attica - Athens - Syntagma - Syntagma Square at 9:00 (no hotel pick-ups ok!)

Validity : 24 hours (meaning if you buy today and noon, you can ride till tomorrow same time of purchased)
Commentary Pre-recorded : English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Greek. (caters for everyone - well, ALMOST [where's Chinese?!])

You must be wondering where are they stopping at, right...??? (courtesy of Greece Tour & Wikipedia). I've hyperlinked almost all the places for everyone's convenience. Baik dak?

1. SYNTAGMA SQUARE - Filellinon Street, Hard Rock Cafe
2. MELINA MERCOURI STATUE - Theatre of Dionysos
4. ACROPOLIS & PARTHENON - The Odeon of Herodes Atticus
5. TEMPLE OF ZEUS - Hadrian Arch
9. NATIONAL GARDENS - Greek Parliament, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
10. NATIONAL LIBRARY - Part of the Neoclassical Trilogy (Academy - University)
12. OMONIOA SQUARE - Hondos Centre
13. KARAISKAKI SQUARE - Theatre District
14. THESSION STATION - Temple of Hephaistos, Stoa of Attalos
15. KOTZIA SQUARE - City Hall

Some might also ask, why ler Santorini & Mykonos, well; given more time and MONEY, I would have gone to Rhodes & Cretes as those are the places where the ruins of 7 wonders of the world is (I think) BUT since I have none of those. I will settle to the nearest and famous.

For those who never heard of Santorini, just check out the pic below, SERIOUSLY; would you wanna visit here toooooooo???? Come one.... agree right? (image courtesy of google)

And Mykonos, the name least popular especially to Malaysian (or at least I think so, sesiapa yang tahu tuh, sorry for the assumption yek [image courtesy of mykonosradio])

As for Romania, let's do it on another entry, easier for filing purpose kan? ehehhhe.... be updating every 3-4 days on Greece till the date I depart, there after I will try to blog daily.

Do check my latest 2 entries on costing and Greece intro. I will also be blogging surviving Europe traveling as a Muslim traveler, not sure how much I can assist, but whatever I know; I shall share :)


kemang~ said...

sy x mampu lg nak pi greece buat mase ni.. kalo keje, boleh la pegi ;)

Lily Riani said...


Kalau gi europe mmg mahai sbb tuh u tgk i tak travel byk ctries in a year, i focus 1-2 jek but with longer duratiom per trip and further ctry. So, 2 things u leh buat; 1st cover semua ngr dlm asia pacific dulu then hijrah ke luar cam middle east, europe, africa etc. Atau 2nd, buat ngr susah jauh n mahai dolu sbb skarang muda, ada kudrat, masa n rezeki masih leh cari, ngr dkt bila umur dah senja. I nye style, travelholic tak semesti nye g byk qty ngr tapi lebih kpd quality coverage. Btw, u all muda muda lg. Ehhehehh....

Bananazą®‡ said...

Greece is the word..ooops grease is not the word..haha. Love to see the view of Santorini, its a beau.

Gil Ra Im said...

Santorini & Mykonos are my dream destinations. bila baca ni, alahai, sedihh..bila la agaknya boleh pergi. can't wait till u come back from the trip, i want to hear (err i mean, read) all about it! :)

Biqque said...

naik hoho je ke? sana susah ke if nak sendri2? nanti cite k! :D

Lily Riani said...


hahaha... it took ahile for me to get it.... i soo gonna curi the line.

Gil Ra Im,

Insyaalah you akan dpt pegi, nanti i cite yek.


after doing few EU ctry, hoho is the easiest as it covers all key areas. msia skarang baru nak copy. ish! if naik bus, kene tunggu etc and tak da narrator lak tuh.

nanti i cite panjang lebar

Anonymous said...


u patut pergi Hampi! Mmg terbaik.

Khairiyana Miswan said...

Hi, I was wondering if I Can get a copy of your Greece Itinerary? Thank You. Email:

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