Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Pre-Journey to Greece & Romania Begins

Been telling myself that I
will do a blog on this 1 month prior to my journey, hence & obviously I hate fail SUCCESSFULLY with FLYING C.O.L.O.U.R.S. YUP! Just like the rainbow after the rain with a huge pot of gold at the other end, of course mine without the gold (nor the rainbow... ;P )

Anywaysssss, (mind my dabbling away with a bunch of nonsense [bad habit as some might know]); My so called beautiful plan is to SHARE a bucket full of related (AND unrelated) infos with travelholics and those who weirdly enjoyed my ranting (still wondering why, seriously!?!??!). Looking at the date -911- obviously am not that trustworthy now huh! Hahhaha.... Hey! I was busy doing... er.... erm.... er.... WELL!!!! Just plain BUSY! (running our of excuses here!).

Basically what I will be sharing will be as below in absolutely no particular order or logic or seriousness, which mostly be based on my mood swing (with or without PMS influencing), idea overload or mental block at that specific point of time *wink wink*.

(so important that there's a period at every capital letter!!!! Wah larweii!!!)

Itinerary (daily visit will be loose but moving from place to place is FIRMED & FIXED)
Packing list (must be fashionable and thematic to the location, Baju Kurung is in the list too)
MUST have packing list (aside form clothing lar of course.... isk isk isk)
Souvenir list (who, whom and what - WAJIB nih)
GADGETS (this is the adding to the luggage weight)
Weblink & sites (to help those that might or will be going - sharing is caring mahh...)
Preparation - mentally & physically

AND lastly....

REALTIME BLOGGING if internet permits (hahhahah.... can't be blogging without the net hor...)

I however MUST caution you travelholics out there, my trip DOESN'T come THAAAAAAT CHEAP, but most of the time is cheaper then package trip. Why is that so; one might ask (sounded cam real real lak), this applies to an expensive/Europe country only ler kan...

Since I have been saving and will be traveling there (doubt I be making a trip to there ie "expensive/EU country" within the next 6-10 years), I might as well maximise the trip. This includes if I need to do island hopping just like upcoming Greece trip, or do extreme sport ie Microlight flight in Chiang Mai, or Milford Sound overnight cruise/Shotover Jet, or Interislander from South to North Island in New Zealand; then I will fork that extra dollars for it (missed the Fox Glacier though due to timing...sigh) OH! Or take the train to Marakech to experience Jamaa el Fna or even travel all the way to Andalucia to visit Al-Hambra; I WILL DEFINATELY DO IT. Cause I figure, the next time I'll be going "again" to that same country would probably be in the next 6-10 years or so; hence, might as well lor... ngam mou?!

When it comes to UNESCO sites & cultural shows yadda yadda... , I will try (very best) to fit it into my budget, as I said above; flight is already a one-time cost, to go again to these country means double the flight cost. MAXIMISE it in the first trip! LOGICAL?

Covering 1 country FULLY is better then magical trip ie 1-2 night per country (I've seen this in loadsa tour packages; in fact covering ONLY 1 CITY each country, aiyoyooo... ), no way you gonna remembers anything of that country UNLESS your main objective is for passport stamp or what my friends say passport chop-chop lar.... I did 3 weeks Italy and that kinda set the bench mark. The shortest would be 4D3N in 1 city - Stockholm (thus I must visit again - planning Scandinavian country for next year). Oh! I did Brussel for 1 day as it was a transit - kira tak aci ler...

Am no shopaholic but BIG TIME travelholic, soooo.... souvenir cost is high as I purchase by city and COUNTRY. And my problem? Tak pandai kedekut (I don't stinge) with my friends.... argh.... leh bankrupt nih. This is so true especially for fridge MAGNETS (especially FLUFFY MAGNETS). I can end up buying few in 1 city alone (and these are for myself muahhahaha *evil laugh*). More magnets pic HERE.

HARD ROCK CAFE - YUP! Am a collector of shotglasses and shirts. This does makes my cost go slightly overboard under my shopping list. (Opsy daisy!)

I am about to finish my laundry thus my blogging too. Well, right now, let's do first thing first ie buying catfood at Uptown. Hahhaha.... Here kitty kity...


Unknown said...

Hehehe..tak sabor nk tunggu u update pasal Greece n Romania.

Yg pasal pijak kaki tu, i pun setuju. I x suka rushing, cam buat itu ini tak sempat2..pastu dh nk cover benda lain plak. Letih ooo..pastu nanti cam tak boleh nk feel tmpt tu plak kalau rushing2. Sb tu skrg i prefer nk pegi lama2 sket.

Yg pasal cost tu, kalau buat sendiri, memang leh murah je. Tp up to us la nk murah mana kan. Tepuk dada tanya cost, kalau dah itu ini semua tak buat, tak best gak kan huhuhu..sikit2 nk gak kene spend apa patut..

p/s: i masih tak boleh decide which negara i nk visit in 17 days in Europe nanti. I plan min 3 negara, max 4 negara Suggestion?

Biqque said...

u kayassssssssssssssss takpe laaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss! hahaha!

tak sabar nak tgk gambar!

Wenny said...

Can't wait to read your bucket full of dabbling on Greece and Romania. It is always a joy to read your travel experience. I pun ada ikut-ikut sikit your style dah ... hihihi!

Be safe and enjoy your trip Girl!

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