Monday, September 26, 2011

Healthy Travelholic Tips

Not sure whether you travelholics do this but I know I do.

I thought I'll share some tips that I do on my travels (am sure most of you does), ie how to stay healthy when traveling. Falling sick abroad is terrible as you have problem finding a pharmacy, clinics or hospital and it will cost a bomb. Thus below are what I advice my colleagues and friends.

1. First Aid Kit
Up to you what you guys want to put, it need not be like those sold at the pharmacies or in our offices. The must have would be plaster, cotton pad, Panadol etc. Very super basic.

2. Travel Airplane Kit
I find this is more useful and normally create one up. The tricks is..... put it in a clear pouch in the size airplane approves - senang leh bawak masuk airplane. What's in it? Panadol, Plaster, Vicks tooth brush/paste, ENO, Dettol sanitizer, dehydration salt & insect repellant. This is what I bring on board the my airplane in my backpack.

3. Back-up/Kiasu Kit
2 weeks trips - you don't want the risk of falling sick in foreign land right? Just to make sure I have it all covered :
- 5x dehydration salt [the weather, ferry and walk will dehydrate a person (1 every 2 days)]
- 6x ENO [due to weird food I will be eating, sure perut kembung (1 every 2 days)]
- 1x Redoxon [one vitamin a day, keep the doctor away (1 tablet a day)]
- 1x charcoal pil [gassy tummy due to off-time eating/time different]
- 1x Counterpaint/deep heat [for tired heels after all the walking, shoulder for carrying backpack or back ache]
- 1x sunblock [need for island trips)

Have you seen this? The last line.... "VERY WATER RESISTANT", hehehhehee..... macam bahasa cakap jek, awat tak letak "VERY WATER RESISTANT, you know!!!" kan lebih baguih ehhehhe..... I think they should put a number instead ie 80% Water Resistant or something.
What do you think?


Gil Ra Im said...

true. everyone kena prepare their own first-aid-kit whenever pegi travel. for me, yg wajib ada in my 'first-aid-kit': panadol, panadol menstrual (just in case. huhu), sanitizer,handyplast and MINYAK GAMAT. hehe.

Cawan said...

yea, mmng keperluan wajib jugak, depend individu.. kekadang ubat ceriberry pun kena bawak.. ha haa..

plus bila ade baby, ade few more extra brng lagi..

George said...

I'm glad to see that you are well-prepared for your travels. Your emergency kits are very well thought-out.

Jard The Great said...


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