Thursday, September 15, 2011

Greece Costing

I have people asking me about the cost incurred so far for my trip, I said it kinda reasonable taking into consideration that am covering 2 countries - flying to/fro from Greece to Romania, flying to Santorini and taking fast ferry to Mykonos and Mykonos back to Athens. Aside from that the whole trip is around 12 days, minusing 2 days for traveling; meaning I have full 10 days for myself between Greece and Romania. But of course am only spending 3D2N in Romania. Talk about being detailed. Hahahha....

Basically, this session will not cover my itinerary (perhaps the next entry instead), instead we will go thru the cost and how I researched (macam real) this prices and options.

To be fair, I am NOT that rajin lar (hardworking am not!), hence what normally happens is this : chores split between Andrea & myself - either we split by country or by mode.

Example : During out Morocco & Spain trip, I cover Spain; and Andrea Morocco. New Zealand was split in a way that Andrea handles transportation and I accommodation. Thus, for this trip; we decided to do the same as the later; that I do the transportation and Andrea accommodation (hot swap the role).

And in terms of sightseeing places, we do it together and decide.

We normally surf AttitudeTravel where you can view ALL the low cost carrier airlines in the world. It has proven helpful for my few Europe trips. But this time around.... jeng jeng jeng

... we decided to go via Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz etc. But but but..... at the end, Expedia was the winner; base on the track record (our track record that is) - we managed to get RM2000 for 6D5N Hong Kong/Japan return flight plus accommodation. Hahhahah... thus, they're the clear winner.

I used Expedia for my flight from Athens to Santorini and Athens/Bucharest return (plus accommodation). After researching multiple ways, we realised leveraging on Expedia to search for flight + accommodation combo is much easier and cheaper.

As for the ferry, I just google and prays alot. Hahhahah.... Actually, you can book the ferry via Expedia as well. Once site fits all... tah dahh...

The only cost that we haven't included in is the Hop-On-Hop-Off and the entrance fee to all the sites. In fact, we haven't done any research on this part, once I managed to do over the weekend (like real I will); I shall be updating the blog.

So, if you guys have any suggestions, advice, tips or ideas, feel free to share... do share.... please share.... pretty pleaseeee..... coz we really appreciate it



kemang~ said...

greece ? goshhh.. jelesss!

Siapa lah Aku said...

Hii. Sis. Kat Athens, which one is economical for getting around Athens? Take sightseeing bus (red n blue route) or buy tourist tickets 3 days for 20 euro (for using metro train,tram n bus)? Sy baca Kat internet je pasal tourist ticket tu. Hehe

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