Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Athens - I See, I Go, I Terkezut

Hehehhe..... cool title huh! Ala ala SPARTAN gitus!

I have been telling everyone this story (in the office je pun), now let me story my blogger friends pulak.

Upon arrival in the Athens airport, we obviously were very extremely excited (biasa lar kan), as we exited the immigration, I realised the airport was new (10 years old) but wasn't as impressive as those of Bangkok, Hong Kong or even our's. Rasa strange sesangat masa tuh sebab dok ingat it will be like Paris or Amsterdam nye airport.

We took our luggage and immediate looked for the tourist information counter, this is a standard procedure for all traveler I assume; getting our barring right from the arrival point. We found one and asked for the way to get to the city ie the cheapest and fastest way (biasa ler tuh kan). Obviously like most country, train would be the absolute best. This is when I found out that there was a taxi strike in the city (ah..... dah sudah aku pikiq, leceh nih). Putting our best foot forward we head to the city.

As the train 'choo-choo-ed' away, I noticed the graffiti on left and right side of the track; wahhh... masa nih memang rasa tak sedap ati jek. I always feel (personally), if a country background is full of graffiti, it is a sign of danger - probably high unemployment rate, lots of vandalisme or something along that line. Iffy feeling rushed in... isk isk isk! Rasa cam permanently dalam area Chow Kit terus menerus.

Upon reaching our final Metro stop, we head upwards (out of the Subway) for civilization & fresh air (lama sangat dalam train - 45mins), the VERY first thing we saw was >>> ZARA SHOP! Yeay!!! Happy giler.... that was until we saw the surrounding area, FRU or police were everywhere... awat pulak nih (yang jenis pegang senapang nye tuh, suspense giler negara nih).

But nothing happened to us lar, we arrived hotel safe & sound... we brush the worries aside and buat derk jek and tito. Konon konon tadi tuh mimpis gitus...

My hotel is located behind the Fashion Hotel (the blue building pic - above) in Omonia Square, there's McDonald, KFC, Hondus Shopping Mall and plenty of cafes in this area, overall it's quite strategic.

We took Hop-On Hop Off as we feel this is the most convenience way, as some places are/might not be accessible. But the coverage for this pun tak seterror the merror as few countries we tried before but still ok larr.... no regrets.

The 2nd day we took the HoHo, guess what happened? The bus have to detour due to student strike. YUP! Kid you not, we manage to take a pic kot tada picaya.

During the rides I saw this, first thought "mintak mintak ler bus HoHo nih berenti kat sini" but nooooooo... hence I didn't buy any for Chawan. Sorry!

In one of my walk at the port, we saw this, ya allah... comei nye. never seen a Piaggio wearing a hoodie before.... hehhehe... cam Doraemon.

I saw this shop from afar at Monastiraki area, rasa cam lawa; leh buat souvenir permanent tuh. But what was amazing is that...'s hand painted, this painting style is popular in Rhodes apparently, cantek lar gak, so beli gak ler yang sedang nye size; warna apple green..... *glee*.

Seriously... Anyone knows how to play backgammon? One game I never ever understooded.

Terkezut dak? Look like those of Turkey's souvenirs right? In Turkey it is suppose to wade of evil. But in Greece, it symbolizes Athena's owl; a sign of knowledge. Lerr... cam tuh ler pulak.

Kat baju pun owl gak, sure my sis love it.

My sister asked me to buy this but the shop was closed, I took this pic from the glass window. Sorry!

Cute huh!

This is scary for me.... reminded me of the wives from Van Helsing....*seram*

For those who wanted to stay on Syntagma Square... this is the best I saw ler - Electra Hotel... look reasonable, not sure of the price though.



and AGAIN!

This is a shocker.... ini macam pun boleh park kah?


Tram! I missed this mode... arghh....!

The last time I saw a similar was in Rome... ehehhe... sooo LOIKE!

Poseidon, where is Atlantis?

Where's the other 276 other SPARTAN? CAKAAAAAP!

Rapunzel sesat! Hahhaha.... Rapunzel with NO GPS.

Zeus is sleepy, nite nite..... Day 3 is on Monastiraki & ports :)


Hyperlink credit : TripAdvisor, Athens Electra Hotel


just.HY said...

hello...i baru balik ofis. motif bgtau? hahaha...

athens ni jauh ke dr tempat blom ni? i mean from one point to another? ianya sebuah pulau? such a nice place...tak mcm mexico or venezuela.

Unknown said...

Hahahah piaggo tu memang macam doraemon, comel!!

Wives from van helsing!! hahahahaah kelakar la.tapi memang macam seram..imagine kalau beli, pastu kat umah malam2 diorg terbang2 kacau kita huhuu..scary jugak!

Biqque said...


ok, penah nampak cover utk stroller? comel gile!

tu ketapi tu kalo la terlintas tetiba mau kena langgar kan?

owh rupanya owl tu ada kisah...yg banyak2 jual kat mesia rantai2 tu, sama ke kisahnyer?

Unknown said...

I also never understooded Backgamon,,, hey looking at those pictures,I know you are one true travlel junkie,,,,,

take care now and share more pics wit us, okay tak?

Lily Riani said...

bdk2 @ John,

ah hah! you balik awal ari nih! ehheheh kul 2pagi lagi tuh... boss kena bagi award tuh.

greece is on mediterranean sea, negara dia cam malaysia = semenanjug with banyak island yang kusyuk2. diarang nih consider as europe.


seram kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan???!!!motor tuh kalau murah mmg angkut dah!confirm nye!


lawak lawak kaaann.... figurine comei comei ok!

so far ketapi tak langgar ler, tak kan ler org tak nampak nala nye besau...!!! ish! tuh kes buta.
yang mesia tuh ikut teori turkey bukan greece rasa nye.


sure, alternatively, you can also add me in your fb :)

Martha Z said...

Lots of interesting and colorful images here. I like to travel but get overwhelmed with the urban scene. Mostly we stick to rural areas and small towns.

Jim said...

Great shots of Athens.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

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