Saturday, October 1, 2011

Arrived in Greece - Safe & Sound

Hey you..... I have arrived.

There's so many to story-mory... the jam jam jam, then the demonstration (quiet riot), the shopping (loads of magnets), the walk, the ruins, the hotel, the train, the tirednessssssss..........banyak sesangat.

Taken so many pics that my battery went flat at the first stop itself ie Acropolis. Hahhahah..... I have no clue how that happened but I will definitely tell you guys all about it soon.

Kemang & Byya, I have posted your postcard *wink wink*.... you will be getting 2-3 postcards from this trip.

Biqque & Na, got you guys magnets. No Hotwheels for Chawan though...cari bagai nak rak.

The rest, tengok gambo je leer..... ehheheh

Wait for my updates yek...

Nak tito now.... ZZZzzzzzzzzzz


George said...

I'm glad you got there safe and sound.

BlueEwoke said...

Tq Lily..muahs.... cant wait for the pictures... :)

bdk2 @ John said...

heyyy lily!!!

i penah komen kat blog u ke before this? sorry sgt2...i mmg dh followed tp tak link lak kat my bloglist!

u kat greece??? bestttttt gilakkk!!!!

Biqque said...

yeayyyyyyyyyyy! muah2! (i nak beli kat u SUME tempat i gi u dah gi plak...hahahaha!)

Cawan said...

ahhh lilyyyyyy.. so sad so sad.. ade visit any flea market tak? ade hidden gem kat sane.. oh ohhhhh..

diecasts dr Universal Studio Singapore pun i ade pending :p

kalo ade jumpe keta kecik mcm ni menarik gak :)

Lily Riani said...

George, thanks for the kind thoughts, i have been busy lately that i have no time to comment on everyone's blog but i follow ut regularly tho

Na, tak byk gambo sgt kali ni

Bdk2, penah ler heehhe... Best memang best giler but rasa cam 3rd world ctry lak diarang ni. Nnt i cite

Lily Riani said...

Bique, itu ler phom pehn ko beli kamnke dak, i hvnt been thr, sulawesi pun belum gak

Cawan, tak per. Nnt korang g ngr selipar jepin n eu korang beli kan lak tau

kemang~ said...

wahhhh,, baru je bace ! kihkih,.. thanx sis !

muah muah ;p

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