Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 1 | KL > Doha > Athens (Woo hooo!!!)

First leg of the journey.... jeng jeng jeng.... this has always been the MOST exciting part of all trips, it's like - all your planning is becoming a reality.... dup dup dup (heart beating).

It was a 4-4.30 hours journey if I can remember correctly. All I can rknow is that I kept looking at the map and counting down... to a point I didn't watch ANY of the inflight movie. BADOH!

The face before all KONG-ED out... hehehhe... I thought I have better take a pic first before I lose my sanity to the excitement. Tangkap masa rasa MASIH glam.... (amboi Cik Kiah!).

Don't ask me to translate ok, everytime it reaches this screen I'll be cursing.... ENGLISH PLEASE!!!! ARGHHH...... Are they playing me out... Isk Isk Isk!

You SEE that! Did you SEE THAT! You saw RIIIIGHT!!!
YES! YES! YES!!! Athens, Santorini & Mykonos.... hemm.... it's kinda far huh! But it's worth it!
YEAY!!!! After 4 years of hoping & dreaming.... am reachiiiiiiiiiiiing...... Hi guys!

I can't believe this, I am IN GREECE!!!

Take NOTE! Look at their letters..... now I can OFFICIALLY say the ever so famous phrase :- "this is soooo GREEK to me!" Hahhahahha.....

That was our joke the whole trip. At the third last day there, I learnt the word "Thank You" - FINALLY. It's EFCHARISTO! Seksa nye nak sebut, why can't it be as simple as Xie Xie, or Merci, or Gracie. Sighh..... apa apa larr...

Am in the city... *yes!*, NOW it felt even more REAL! Like really REAL REAL, you know what I mean right? RIIIIIIIGHT?!??! (just say yes, it'll make me feel better, muhahahah.... seeking attention AND agreement). So next thing I need to do... during the night is.... :

1. Make sure handphone is fully charged
2. Canon S95 is FULLY FULLY charged
3. SPARE camera battery is FULLY charged AS WELL (kiasu nih)
4. Prepare my attire for tomorrow, base on place to visit (after all, I need to make sure that my clothes doesn't clash with the environment.... and I look fantabulous mar! Hehehhe VAIN-GLORIOUS GURLLLL!)

It's fast coming to dust and am so excited... even though the room was so-so only. After all, not that I have the money to pay at The Four Season Hotel right (they don't have one here anyway, ehhehehe.....). I figure, since I will be spending most of the day light outside, it's pointless to spend so much dollars on fancy hotel, to me; as long as it is clean and decent AND ofcos near central area where it's minimal cost to travel, am sooooooo FINE! Simple girl I am - I have to say that (PERASAN to the max nih!). Agree hor?

Let's go to sleep first, I have a BIG FAT GREEK DAY ahead tomorrow!



kemang~ said...

wohoa... cite lg .. cite lg.. :D

MasZuber said...

sambung sambung :)

just.HY said...

sambung please....i beg you! sob sob sob...

*mode jeles yang teramat!*

Bahija said...

Very niceeeeeeee

Unknown said...

TERUJA! Nexttttttttttttttttt cepat update lagi!!!!!

George said...

What a great start to your trip. I'm glad your camera was fully charged. I look forward to seeing many wonderful pictures of your Greek adventure.

Lily Riani said...


akan cite tunggu, kepala otak tgh dok drafting lagi. ehhehe..


mesti nye, trip nih yg ditunggu, rasa cam gi italy & spain dolu2 lak.


tunggu yek, next round you g lak..ambek AA to paris and then low cost carrier EU to other ctries. i bloged on WW low cost carrier site before.

Lily Riani said...


thank you deariee.... we all bought you loads of stuff, semua tpt ingat KIM KIM KIM! next round you ikut yek. how's US 1 month trip?


akan dtg, btw; i jeles tgk colour lake you all kat NZ, mine was biru, your's was turqiose... rupa nye dia tukar colour by season yek... ish! north island jom gi sesama jom! next yr scandi... nak join?


will be updating over the weekend again, i will also load up pics on facebook and hyperlink them for you to take alook. :)

Biqque said...

fully charged part battery tu mmg sungguh kiasu kita2 ni hahaha! i ada 3 set spare batteries ok!

part english please tu lawak ok! hahahaha!

ok, can't wait for next post!

just.HY said...

owh ya...part kiasu tu. i pun slalu camtu bila travel. tp takdela smpai bawak 3 bijik!!! seblom tido mmg chrge segala bateri yg ade. hihihi

Daddy said...

Hei...I love travelling too and looking at your blog and the pictures made me start planning for my next trip...hahahaha....looking forward to read more and see more of those wonderful sights and sounds ... my travelling blog (just started) is

Lily Riani said...

biqque & bdk@ john,

dasar traveler tuh tak kan kemana. hhahahahh


thanks for dropping by, appreciate it. i will drop by your blog this week. am facing network prob now at home, thus slow in response time.

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