Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ada Apa Dengan Sekinchan - #EcoHunt

I participated in Selangorshine Eco Photo Hunt 2012 @Sebak Bernam recently or #EcoHunt via twitter and our trail led us to Selangor famous rice-bowl area located in Sekinchan. I mean, how can anyone find fault with a scenery like this right? For a moment, Fie, Byya and I forgot that we were in a hunt and decided to pull over (a couple of times mind you) to snap pictures upon pictures.... upon pictures (betul, tak tipu). SubhanAllah, it was that mesmerizing, serene and picturesque.

I actually visited this place early this year and it was all GREEN and beautiful, however during this harvest season (year end) when everything turned yellow, it somehow looks as if we were in a sea of gold (to every girls liking I bet, hehhehheeee....). Awed.... god is great.

As we were in the #EcoHunt race still, I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I wished, so I sincerely hope you'll enjoy the few pictures shared. Oh yah! I changed the mood for the fun of it.

Will be blogging on #EcoHunt soon (pray hard).


Janggel / Rain said...

oh bleh nampak bumbung rumah nenek!

Che said...

nice! love them pictures!

hanie said...

cantiknye gambor!!!

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