Friday, December 21, 2012

#Traveltips | What to buy in Legoland Malaysia?

Yeah yeah yeah.... I know, old news right? But I don't care lor... kiasu mah.

On the way to Legoland few months back >>>

I was pretty excited as I already have it all planned, what pictures to take, what angle to blog on even the entry title is already in this stubborn head of mine. All drafted and crafted, it's gonna be a masterpiece (sungguh drama) I told myself. 

Having been to a few theme parks, I very well know what to expect and it being new makes it even easier. Easy peasy I'd say. Little did I know....

I couldn't find an interesting blog angle, pictures look bad, somehow I just wasn't excited. Something is very wrong... (agak merisaukan jugak) the moment I went in. Oh oh! This is so not good... BUT since I am a very smart girl (bayangkan nada yang amat poyo & perasan), I managed to change my plan. Phew!! (Swipe forehead).

My so called 'beautiful' plan is to just share pictures of what they have that we can get as souvenirs, obviously those to my liking only lah, can't be putting all right? Hehheheh.... kang orang ingat kedai online lak.

So, enjoy the below souvenirs options but don't ask price pulak yek.

* Note 1 : Some pictures are not sharp, so I am blaming it on my mood. Hehehehhe.....
* Note 2 : Masa kecik-kecik dulu, I ada 3 tong of Lego, Kawada & Technic. Memang tomboy masa dulu.

These are the only cool fridge magnets I manage to grab.

No, there is NO magnets written Legoland Malaysia available. Upset ok!


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hi Lily, looks like you'll need a full wallet going to Legoland!
Duncan In Kuantan

Jeff Chuah said...

your last sentence made me cough-laugh like crazy. How they cannot not have the LEGOLAND MALAYSIA fridge magnet? Unacceptable! Haha

Chera miche said...

yelah. how come like that? ish.. ish..

Mimie said... fridge magnet...frust...frust...frust!

David said...

tooo expensive lar stuffs in legoland! arghh tak sampai hati buy also..

Lily Riani said...


memang mahal giler!!!!

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