Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lazy Gurl Entry

My current location. Nature bows.

L.A.Z.Y. L.A.Z.Y. L.A.Z.Y. L.A.Z.Y. L.A.Z.Y. L.A.Z.Y. L.A.Z.Y. L.A.Z.Y. L.A.Z.Y.

Tuh dia....but of course my favourite phrase will be that 'I'm super busy' lar (purely because I am in denial, that simple), wellllll.... IT IS kinda true you know (yeah right, denial again).

Anyway, I need to pick up the habit of blogging at least 1 entry a day (get real!), maaaaaybeeeeee 4 times a week?!?! NO? Or 3? Let's try lar huh....

Anyway, have half drafted an entry on WAD2012 and obviously tons pending. So, I hope I can post one tomorrow and another 1 on Friday (keeping my fingers cross [and toes too and hair and eye lashes etc]).

Another update will be that my life will soon change DRASTICALLY, gonna be topsy turvy very very soon (like VERY). Not sure how I'm gonna handle this but I shall try my level best. If you want to know more (and fast), I guess you can follow me on twitter @lilyriani (sempat promote tuh!?!?! HAHAHAHAHHA).

Oh yah! I will be clearing my annual leaves whole of next week followed by company closure, so yah; I have 2 weeks of nothingness and boredom to fill up. Was thinking of iCity (yeah yeah! Jakun me), road trips (Ipoh & Penang), food hunting etc, ideas anyone?

See yah!

And another thing! You can follow me on Instagram as well as facebook page too (kot ler nak tau kaaaaan).

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Jeff Chuah said...

nice photos!
i do understand the laziness part. i myself can be quite lazy to write...

norh said...

cuti 2 minggu...syok gila.. tak pi obersi ka?

Arlida Abdullah said...

Nak join hang out cannnnn?? :)

Chawanna Na said...

pulai spring golf resort keee..(batuk2)

Zara AB said...

Where was this? Anyway, happy holiday!

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