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FRAM Museum, Oslo - A great seafarer museum

The last Viking Ship I saw was in Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Sweden and that was during my 2006 trip. 

Visiting another ship museum in Oslo, Norway clearly brings back a lot of memories, and a lot of comparison too. There are also another one in Roskilde, Denmark; Viking Ship Museum. My target next  *smirk*. 

I have few choices in terms of ship museums here in Oslo; Kon-Tiki Museum, Fram Museum and Viking Ship Museum and we voted for Fram Museum. No disappointment *smile*.

We planned it in such a way that every country we visit, we will include 1 museum as we know the cost will burn a hole in our already pathetic wallet and we managed to do so just about that. What I always say is ‘alang-alang menyelok pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan’, ‘alang-alang dah sampai, apa kata belajar history dia orang and cover one educational attraction’, the least we can do. Sungguh ilmiah tetiba, ahaks.

Fram Museum. 

#TravelTips 1 : Each museums can be expensive depending respective country exchange rate. Maka, pandai-pandai lah plan yek.

Oslo is pretty easy to get around, we hop on a bus and took a 30mins ride till the end of the town (well, kinda), here lies 3 museums next to each other; Kon-Tiki Museum, Fram Museum and Viking Ship Museum. Since we already decide on Fram and the building looks more interesting, it made fickle minded people like us to decide faster. Not knowing what to expect as I did not even bother to read about Fram before coming here, “surprise me” I said to myself. Sometimes having least expectation is good heh. The road to Fram is so beautiful in, the local homes, the buildings, the country side, makes me wish I have more days and just take a pit stop to wander at every point that calms me. 

These 3 popular museums is located at peninsula of Bygdøy, five museums located here; the Kon-Tiki Museum (houses exhibits from Thor Heyerdahl expeditions, who also being awarded and added to UNESCO's "Memory of the World"); the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (Norsk Folkemuseum); the Viking Ship Museum; the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the Fram Museum, aside from these five museums, the official summer residence of the King of Norway and Oscarshall Castle are also located here.

#TravelTips 2 : Allocate 1 full day if you plan to visit these museum. Even if you don’t, do allocated 1 full day as you can always wander around Bygdøy area or even plan for picnic at the park *wink*.

The Fram Museum (Norwegian: Frammuseet) is a museum telling the story of Norwegian polar exploration. 


Nansen's Fram expedition was an 1893–1896 attempt by the Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen to reach the geographical North Pole by harnessing the natural east–west current of the Arctic Ocean. In the face of much discouragement from other polar explorers, Nansen took his ship Fram to the New Siberian Islands in the eastern Arctic Ocean, froze her into the pack ice, and waited for the drift to carry her towards the pole. Impatient with the slow speed and erratic character of the drift, after 18 months Nansen and a chosen companion, Hjalmar Johansen, left the ship with a team of dogs and sledges and made for the pole. They did not reach it, but they achieved a record Farthest North latitude of 86°13.6′N before a long retreat over ice and water to reach safety in Franz Josef Land. Meanwhile, Fram continued to drift westward, finally emerging in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Source : Wikipedia

The kitchen in Fram looks like any other house kitchen.


The museums tells us every steps on the Polar Exploration and it comes with visual and ship experience, we actually went inside FRAM to take a look how it felt inside. Unlike Vasa Ship in Stockholm, we were unable to do this. I beginning to feel, the ship docked in Melaka that is now a museum should imitate this similar format. The history and background is very thorough.

This was the most interesting read for me. It actually explains about the dog as well plus its mission. 

Not only that, they also have a book store that sells books on ships, vikings, seafarers, Fram itself, maps, posters, Oslos museums as well as souvenirs.

I will build a strong ship so constructed that it can withstand the pressure of the ice, and living in this ship, to float across with the ice. It will be just big enough to carry provisions for twelve men for five or six years. – Fridtjof Nansen

We spent an hour or two here then wandered around its compound, and waited to catch Oslo at sunset.


Psst. Just so you know, the bus stop is at the door step of the museum. Convenient huh.

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