Sunday, August 2, 2015

Aishwarya Residency - Where to stay in Mysore, India

Everything you wish not to happen in a trip,
.... happened to me.

My hotel room was canceled on the day I arrived.

The view from my hotel. 

Yes, it was that shocking and scary, first time experiencing this and it have to be in India. A country which I prefer to have a fool proof plan, a plan with multiple back-up plans; Plan A, plan B, plan C…. Plan Z if need be. The problem arises  due to double booking in the system, but the good thing about was that they called and proposed a few other hotels, unfortunately for me is that they called me as I touched down in Bangalore enroute to Mysore. Abit too late I guess.

#TravelTips 1 : The phone number key-ed in during booking should be available and switched on when traveling to receive last minutes changes on flight or accommodation booking, and family emergencies.

Having said that (obviously my mood wasn’t that good), the tuk-tuk driver that we took was helpful and helped us search for new hotels and we get to check-out the rooms before committing. I have to admit that despite I was not in good mood and all, the room we got and the hotel we selected was good, in fact better than good; it was great! My Mysore stay was perfect.

#TravelTips 2 : Keep calm and don’t get agitated despite that your mood ruined on the first day. Sometimes the changes is for the best and as for me, it was much better.

#TravelTips 3 : Hunting for hotels or rooms on the spot can be to our advantage, we can check on locality and cleanliness, and make our decision then (konsep redah ni ada bagusnya).

Clean ans spacious. 

Staircase and elevator available. 

#TravelTips 4 : We can try negotiating for better price, rooms or breakfast during our recce.

Roof top dining available.... love this. 

This is the best place at the hotel rooftop, if one plans to stay long in Mysore of which I highly advise you should (the weather here is always cooling and windy, kid you not!), bring a book and just laze here for a day or two.... just lepak and chill. Siap ada hammock hokkay!

The sky is always blue here, clean and clear. the road is safe and halal food is at abundance. Really easy to move around. Mysore is a great place to include on your trip to Southern India.

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Aishwarya Residency
2932/A, Off Bangalore-Nilgiri Road
(Behind Kalyan Jewels | Near Suburban Bus stand)
Mysore, India

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