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Frankfurt Old Town : Touch & Go

Lie I will not.

So, the big question is “Can you cover Frankfurt in a day?”. 

Well, that depends, if you just wish to a touch a go kinda a trip then the answer is possible. You can do an 8 hours in Frankfurt too if you are kiasu on pinning on number of countries and cities but my sincere advice is to not to. During the 1 day I spent upon arriving in Europe (before departing for my Balkan countries), Anna and I decided to venture to a factory outlet located outskirt of Frankfurt and as the bus took us on an 1 hour journey to Wertheim Village, I must say, the journey was picturesque and the town were both quaint and charming. A place I wish to stay for at least a night. One of the best view which I hope to do is rent a bike and cycle at the country site. I feel the longing by just thinking about it while writing this entry. I guess I have reached a point where city dwelling is not in my wish list, not even the off beaten track, now am just looking for tranquility while traveling, doing what the locals do, take a bike ride and picnic by the river. Sounded over the top? This was the scene I saw during my trip to Wertheim and looks relaxing.

What did I do during that 1 day I spent in Frankfurt on my way to Malaysia?
Not much really, I visited the city prominent landmarks and attractions while at the same time did a little shopping. Jadilah kan…

The Römer is a medieval building in the Altstadt of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and one of the city's most important landmarks. The Römer is located opposite the Old St. Nicholas church and has been the city hall (Rathaus) of Frankfurt for over 600 years. Source : Wikipedia

This is basically the landmark for Frankfurt, kira kalau tak pergi tak sah lah. And this is where you get your souvenirs at a reasonable price. Everything is within walking distance from Römer so you can use this as a meeting point.

Seufzerbrücke or Bridge of Sighs
Part of the Römer, the residents of Frankfurt who paid their taxes in the North wing. So they needed to cross this bridge and aptly named this the Seufzerbrücke or Bridge of Sighs.

After googling, this is all I can find tapi prominent gak lah sebab google ada kan *wink*.

St. Catherine's Church (Katharinenkirche)
St. Catherine's Church is the largest Lutheran church in Frankfurt am Main, dedicated to the martyred early Christian saint, Catherine of Alexandria. It is located in the old city centre near one of the most famous plazas in the city, the Hauptwache (Main Guard). Source : Wikipedia

This is located just next to Hauptwache Building and this whole area is called the Hauptwache Plaza, apparently very famous around the old town. Dah balik Malaysia baru tau. Keh keh keh…

Hauptwache Building
The baroque building which gave the square its name was built in 1730. It was the headquarters of the city's Stadtwehr militia when Frankfurt was an independent city state (→ Free City of Frankfurt) and also contained a prison. Source : Wikipedia

Didn't even know this is a famous building, I thought it was a nice looking restaurant. Hehehhehee.... nasib baik tangkap gambo

Eschenheimer Turm
Eschenheim Tower was a city gate, part of the late-medieval fortifications of Frankfurt am Main, and is a landmark of the city. The tower, which was erected at the beginning of the fifteenth century, is at once the oldest and most unaltered building in the largely reconstructed Frankfurter Neustadt (new town), now better known as the Frankfurt-Innenstadt (city center). Source : Wikipedia

Since this was a touch and go trip, I only managed to walk pass it and take a few shots (well, 3 shots)

MyZeil is just a ashopping mall but I was so fascinated with the glass facade since forever that I make a point to visit this mall, it looks as it the glass been sucked in into the interior. Cool giler. It is located at a shopping street and on this street, Adidas shop bersepah. Sekian, gi shopping!

Frankfurt Cathedral
This Roman Catholic Gothic church is located in the centre of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The cathedral is the largest religious building in the city and a former collegiate church. As former election and coronation church of the Holy Roman Empire, the cathedral is one of the major buildings of the Empire history and was mainly in the 19th century a symbol of national unity. Source : Wikipedia

My landmark when I walk from the train station to Römer as it is the tallest building within the area. Takde apa nak cite kat sini sebab masa it was being restored so I was looking at scaffolding most of the time jer lah. 

Eiserner Steg
Eiserner Iron Bridge is a pedestrian bridge built in 1868 across the Main River in Frankfurt am Main, connecting the Römerberg to the Sachsenhausen district. It is a riveted steel truss bridge 170 m long. It has two pillars and attributed to the Gothic Revival style. At the time of it's construction the use of the term "iron" was common, and the bridge was so named. Source : Wikimapia

I did take a walk on this bridge and roam on the other side.

Like seriously, touch and go kinda trip is mainly walking pass somewhere take a few shots and move on. Nothing to write and nothing much to experience… the only different is arriving to a new city or countries and seeing everything for the first time. Hence, I always advice to not do a touch a go trip, 1 full one day in a city need to exclude night time (or sleeping time), transportation, meal time etc, at the end you probably have few hours to spare in 1 particular city.

So, can one do a day trip in Frankfurt? Yes, tapi cam yang I blog lah… seimbas lalu jer.

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