Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Blue Hour in Zagreb, Croatia

Noticed it has become my new favourite.
Sunrise. Sunset. And now....
Blue Hour.

I come to realised, I took alot of blue hours photos during my Balkan trip and I thank Edgar for this. I used to be fixated and contemplated with sunrise and sunset but this new 'finding', I have more rooms to play, more options and more sense of appreciation. I also realised that not all countries are fortunate to have beautiful sunrise or mesmerizing sunset all year round, but as god is fair, these countries have been awarded with the tranquility of blue hour. Allah is great.

Entries on Blue Hours in Slovenia and Philippines as well as Croatia blog below.
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Ljubljana at Blue Hour
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The blue hour looks stunning with the city in bright yellow light huh *smile*. So now you guys know what to do, stay near the city, take a stroll just before sunset and wait for the blue hour...

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Diana Diane Teo said...

Honestly to say, I'm not the type that will chase sunrise and sunset cause up to date, I still think KK has the best sunset (chewah, puji hometown sendiri) but it's true. However, I love these blue hours - mainly because blue colour is my favourite colour.

You can see I always compliment your photos with blue skies especially =P

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