Monday, August 17, 2015

Kg. Mongkos Longhouse's wondrous heritage

Visited a longhouse. 
A real longhouse.

A Bidayuh Longhouse in Kg. Mongkos, Serian.

The great thing about following Jom Jelajah Koperasi is that it takes me to remote areas and homestays which allow me to mingle with the locals, learn more on their livelihood and also how they and Koperasi work together hand-in-hand for the betterment of their community. A survival skill that I truly admire and respect. This trip provides me with the insight of how a Koperasi works and it is not as easy I it seems; paperworks, roadmap projection and ROI must be aligned with the objectives and direction of the Surahanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission). The success of each Koperasi very much dependent on the leadership, support and members cooperation and this very much translate in the revenue and dividend being hand-out annually.

Kg. Mongkos Longhouse; a Bidayuh village situated in Serian, Sarawak, approximately 2.5 from the bordering village of Kalimantan, Indonesia. We were greeted by the household with a simple Mipis ceremony to appease spirit. Here, I learnt that the Mongkos community provides homestay experience whereby they recreate the day-to-day kampung-life activity for the guest to learn and try their hand at. Activities offered here aside from homestay are hiking to Silungkung Waterfall, basket weaving, fruit picking, cooking class, fishing, prawn digging, boating and etc. Aside from homestay business, the Bidayuh community here also do small scale trading by operating a sundry shop.

We were presented with few of the famous local dance by the kids.

Langgi Empunjon
This dance portray a legendary taboo marriage of Abang Dino and his younger sister Dayng Siti. The parents and villagers were against this “Masau Tiho”. They eloped to the jungle and became monkeys. This dance act as a reminder for the new generation. The music for this dance is called “Gawai Tutok”.

Langgi Pingadap
A Bidayuh dance to bless our guests. In the old days this music was used to welcome home a victorious headhunter. “Gawai Bujog” music is used during this dance routine.

Langgi Perang
Dancing to the tune of “Gawai Borabun”, this is one of the popular Bidayuh warrior dance of victory.

Langgi Aruh
“Gawai Bidumbak” is another music to show victory. The gong is beaten harder and louder to frighten away enemies and evil spirits.

Despite their location is very far from the town, this little village is very popular with the Europeans. Peak season for Kg. Mongkos is during Pesta Gawai or Harvest Festival, the homestay will be full booked through-out this period. One must make prior arrangement if Pesta Gawai is the highlight of one’s trip here.

Getting here
By Taxi
I was told that chartering a taxi cost RM150 per way, taxi can be pre-arrange with local tour guy or just hail for one at Electra House taxi stop.

By Van Sharing
Take a van at Electra House to Serian town and take another taxi from Serian town to Kg. Mongkos. This route is cheaper than chartering a taxi

By Bus
Take a bus to Serian town and take another taxi from Serian town to Kg. Mongkos.

Kg. Mongkos Homestay.

To view more photos, please click here.

Jom Jelajah Koperasi Sarawak Media Fam Trip is in collaboration with Surahanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (#SKM) with #GayaTravel as media coordinator

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