Sunday, November 20, 2016

Auschwitz Concentration Camp / Nazi Death Camp, Poland

Built during World War II, the German Nazi erected  the German Nazi in Auschwitz –Birkenau. Aside from this, there are other 45 satellite camps. History told us that Auschwitz I was constructed to hold Polish political prisoners and the German SS systematically killed at least 960,000 Jews deported to this infamous camp, of which 74,000 of them are Poles. Thus, the Holocaust also known Shoah was the largest genocide in a single location in the history.

#TravelTips 1 : The history is very overwhelming, hence I highly suggest for you guys to read before visiting Auschwitz –Birkenau.

How easy is it to get to Auschwitz –Birkenau?
#TravelTips 2 : Get your bus ticket at the Bus Terminal located at the Central Station.

Of course you can also take a train there, however I noticed that the station is slight far versus the bus stop which stops just outside the camp museum.

#TravelTips 3 : As there are 2 main areas that you need to cover, and the distance is not feasible for one to walk, shuttle buses is available for your convenience.

As you noticed, there are direct train tracks leading to the concerntration camp, this is to transport Jews to the camp's gas chambers from all over German-occupied Europe. This happens between the year 1942 until late 1944, where they were killed with pesticide. And as for the death toll, I found a site stated the below, which says that there are might be more than the number mentioned earlier.

‘These people were not entered in the camp records; that is, they received no serial numbers and were not registered, and this is why it is possible only to estimate the total number of victims.’

#TravelTips 4 : Highly suggest for those planning a trip here to start your day early as the queue  to the museum is very long and the bus trip takes an hour plus to 2 hours.

#TravelTips 5 : If you are taking a public bus or train here, do take note that there aren’t many cafes or restaurant except the one at the museum and a snack stall nearby. My suggestion is to bring a bottle of water and probably some snack, if you are on a budget trip that is.

As we were walking into the camp, I saw students from Israel on a school trip. What they saw obviously sadden and hurt them emotionally. I was also asked by a few followers and friends on my feeling when I visited the camp, it was a feeling that I am unable to describe. I have visited a few war museums and I personally feel the one in Vietnam was the hardest to accept and comprehend. Hard to comprehend in a sense that how another human can be so mean and hurtful to another human, and the terror and torture to the locals were gruesome. After seeing such a grotesque torturing done to mankind, I guess the camp was milder in comparison. Having said that, it was still cruel, one don’t deserve to die is this manner. God created us equal, regardless or skin colour, race and religion.

#TravelTips 6 : I was here in September, and it was cloudy and rainy when we were there. Bring a rain poncho or an umbrella.

#TravelTips 7 : Take note on bus time heading back to Krakow as you wouldn’t want to miss it.

We breezed thru the museum as we don’t want to miss the last bus. The museum contains of a few building blocks with old articles, clothes and camp relics. Reading the old war articles, seeing the prisoners’ uniform and pictures of families and child being detain was not a pretty sight. I do feel their pain.

I suppose what I regretted the most is not buying a book on  Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

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