Monday, November 14, 2016

#TravelTips | Warsaw Day Trip

I so much wanted to write on Nazi Death Camp but I thought I should wait until the next post, it is such a heavy topic that I have yet to decide on how to angle my post as I might not do it justice. At the moment, I will just share on my day trip to Warsaw, covering only the Old Town.

Macam ni lah kalau gi trip tak plan…
I shall call my whole 2 weeks odd trip as a recce trip.
Why? Cos I will surely repeat. Them. All.
I am so in love with all the countries picked.
Every. Single. One. Of them.

As most of you would have known by now, I usually spent 3 days min per city and I love it so very much, I will extend it. Poland was the same, well…. Kinda. After falling in love with Krakow (you can read more about my love story here), how could I not make a short and quick trip to Warsaw right, after all, Warsaw too has a HRC (camtuh pun boleh?!?! Hehhehehhe…..).

The decision made was pretty easy.
Me “We must go to Warsaw as well, ok or not?”
Anna “Of course”
Decision made.
Trip confirmed.

Remember what I say about an unplanned trip. Yeah… we woke up, took the tram to the central station and took the train.

#TraveTips 1 : HRC is located across Warsaw central station, probably 2 mins walk. In fact, you can see it from the train station.

First thing first, we look for information counter and ask how to get to HRC (masa tuh blur blur lagi), then how to get to the Old Town from HRC. After getting this ‘crucial’ information, we walk to HRC to settle our stuff and make our way to the Old Town. It was pretty straight forward but what make it so sweet was that there was this 2 teenagers that is so curious of both Anna and my origin so they decided to strike a conversation. After telling them where we were from, how long we will be in Poland and the other countries we visited and where else are we heading to. It was our turn to ask, are they local, how old, what are they studying and obviously, how to get to Old Town. And you know what, they we were so sweet that they said to follow them until reach this one junction whereby we are to turn left and walk straight. Darling aren’t them. Forgot to ask for their names pulak. Duh Lily.

#TravelTips 2 : It is approximately 10-15 mins walk from the central station to the Old Town. A really pleasant walk.

# TravelTips 3 : You can also take the bus but I have no idea the number as walking was cooler and more hipsters. Eh. Hahhahahhahaaa….

We were shouldered between beautiful buildings with rich architectural culture, street art being showcased, there were bicycle race that took place nearby, prominent buildings of famous international public figures and interesting cafes waiting for its patrons. Buskers’s music, crowd laughing and cheering can be heard. We quickly breeze ourselves to the Old Town, as we reach there, we were ecstatic as the courtyard is so huge, enveloped by old great buildings with stories waiting to be told.

#TravelTips 4 : I would recommend for you to stay at least a night in Warsaw and not rush it, this way you can sample the great cafes, street food and getting lost in those colourful lanes.

Upon reaching the centre, I was jumping with joy as the sunny blue sky is a bonus for I am sure my pictures will turn out nice and I can be all lazy and not focus on composition and whatnot. Macam lah gambar gambar sebelum ni lawa sangat. Poyo. First I heard this 2 guys playing guitar of which I fell in love (senang benor nak fall in love) and begin to take their video.

And I thought that was it until I saw a group of dancers with their musician. Running out of time, we decided to walk to another square, this is when we bumped into the group of dancers with their musician. And I was so lost, grasping of the concept and festival. All I can say is that they definitely grabbed the public attentions.

I have to say, Warsaw folks really know how to enjoy music and performances as I saw another street performer that catches everyone’s attention. A Beatles puppet show.

Then we realised the day is getting dark and we need to rush back to Krakow. Macam tuh lah cerito nya…

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