Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#TravelTips | Where to stay in Berlin, Germany

This is very key, you need to read this and take note on what I am going to share.

#TravelTips 1 : Never plan a trip during a convention in town.
#TravelTips 2 : If you plan your trip and realized it later, then please please please book your accommodation way in advance, else you’ll get into a big trouble like us.

Pic source : Jugendgästehaus Hauptbahnhof website

Now that I got your attention.
This Scandi cum Europe trip was planned yet ad hoc. Why do I say that?
We have been planning for awhile but yet to purchase the flight tix, and when we did, it was 1 month before the trip. When our busy schedule and all, we apparently did not book anything except our flight. So. Our plan was to book our first accommodation and decide it in Copenhagen on when to stay in Iceland, and when in Iceland, purchase a flight tix to wherever and book an accommodation right after. Smart right. NOT.

Upon arriving in Berlin, we immediately fell in love, on everything we see, do, eat (there’s a lot of halal food near the highly populated Turskish/Middle East area), history, souvenirs and SHOPPING (because there’s Primark there and Anna wouldn’t mind coming here daily [me too *wink*]). The plan was 3d2n in Berlin and on the 2nd day we decided to make it 4d3n and we figure it was easy to get an accommodation hence we went and book our bus the day after and you can guess…. We couldn’t get a room on the 4th day. What happened in Amsterdam is going to happen again, history is going to repeat itself. We gonna sleep on street. I see this coming.

We tried to find an affordable accommodation; we tried everything, from hostel to Agoda/Expedia etc, to Air BNB or 1 to 2 star hotel, that was how desperate we were. Then as Anna was showering I bumped into a local hostel site, the hostel is located near Berlin main train terminal, which is perfect as our bus is departing late at night, we can just walk to the station, safely. I gamble and booked, worried that I might not find another place that is affordable, near and convenient. The only worries were, is it dirty and noisy, after all, it is a hostel (wanting to set the right expectation for myself).

Pic source : Jugendgästehaus Hauptbahnhof website

Jugendgästehaus Hauptbahnhof Hostel was simply perfect (unfortunately I did not manage to take any pic as there were already guests in the room, so I will use the visual from google and the hostel itself). Located at approximately 10 mins walk from Berlin Hauptbahnhof (main train stationattach to a small mall), near the hypermarket and walking distance to some of the attractions is a place if you are a budget traveller. Everything is clean and proper, facilities was great if you ok with just basics.

#TravelTips 3 : They also offer storage area.
#TravelTips 4 : Their canteen is super huge, they even have an ATM machine at the lobby.
#TravelTips 5 : WiFi is only available at the lobby.
#TravelTips 6 : Common toilet/bathroom for dorm.

Family Room
Pic source : Jugendgästehaus Hauptbahnhof website

And they even have family rooms, apartment (1-6 mths rental) aside from the usual hostel dorm.

Pic source : Jugendgästehaus Hauptbahnhof website

I kinda like this place and wouldn’t mind to stay here again, probably will get a twin sharing room.

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