Saturday, November 26, 2016

#Caracamp | Camping in the City

Fit me perfectly, don’t you think so.

Participants and organiser

Camping in the City targeting globetrotters, adventure junkies, outdoor enthusiasts and curious explorers. A platform to create awareness and instilling interest to venture the world while respecting monther nature. Currently a trending genre of tourism; Eco Tourism, is skewed and emphasizes on campering and caravaning for roadrip lovers. Tents were set-up, contenna home was installed, hammocks were hooked, luxury travel coach and 4x4 offroaders were brought in, all ready to explain and educate the public on appreciating the journey that one travels (not just the destination).

With the intention to make Camping In The City an annual event, encouraging youth to be part of our eco tourism, building a nation of nature loving country and hopefully, government will take this initiative to build caravan park all over Malaysia. The inaugural event was held at Lanai Matic, Jalan Ampang where all the outdoor companies such as Malaysia Caravan, Tanah Aina, Villa Container, Sendok Group, Malaysia Hammockers, foodtruckers including campers from Thailand.

Tanah Aina

Food truckers

Villa Kontena

I am fascinated with this 'roof camp', kept feeling it is a big cute 'bird house'. However, I think it can't sustain my weight. Looking at their teamwork makes me want to join this overland trip to Sapa, Vietnam.

4x4 offroaders 

Urban hammocking is rising in popularity and technology plays an important role in encouraging the urbanites and hypters to have a bit of eco fun in the city. Packed in palm size, this colourful nylon hammock weighing <500g makes it easy and convenient for one to just hook it at own backyard, community park or/and at home balcony or patio.

Nowadays, there are even hammock gathering activities around Klang Valley and Malaysia being organised.

Hammock retailer

And I get to experience sleeping in a caravan in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city, now I hope I get to experience a road trip in Malaysia with this caravan. I bet it will give a new perception of roadtrip and overland trip.

Caravan interior


Join us next time!

This #CaraCamp Camping in the City event is supported by #MITA and #NBQS in collaboration with #MaTiC (venue), C.A.M and #HammockersMalaysia.

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