Monday, November 28, 2016

G-Shock | MASTER of G Launch

Casio G-Shock has unveiled their latest watch series; the #MasterOfG series at #ShockTheWorldKL2016 event. G-Shock collectors, media and business partners were presented with the latest Master of G series namely GRAVITYMASTER, GULFMASTER and MUDMASTER. One that I foresee many would simply fall head over hill with.

I would love to have them all but this is my favourite so far - PERFECT for travelholic like me. Check it out at the nearest outlet near you! It comes with GPS HYBRID WAVE CEPTOR - the FIRST in the world. The GPS satellite signal reception and terrestrial (Multi Band 6) time-calibration signal reception, prompts analysis of current time and Daylight Saving Time data that enables GRAVITYMASTER to display of the correct time all the time, anywhere in the world.

This was the other model that I don't mind having as well (even though I have a diving license yet am not an avid diver) - the GULFMASTER model. Aside from the earlier model I posted here in IG obviously.

Reason being, it is equipped with Triple Sensors for Measuring Direction, Atmospheric Pressure/Altitude, and Temperature Hands Serve to Indicate Atmospheric Pressure and Compass Bearing. I still tak berapa faham what it says here but I nak jugak jam ni *hint*.

MUDMASTER is the most rugged of all, as you would have guessed, I would like to have this too. As most of you would know, I am very outdoorish (I spend more time outdoor than diving), love extreme sport (except high impact sport as I’ve injured my knee, sob sob…)

The question is why ‘mud’ right?
The cylindrical guard structure button shafts are fitted with gasket linings. It protects the buttons against intrusion by dust and mud, but it also helps to alleviate shocks. Not only that, it is protected by a highly airtight screw-lock structure. Aside from this, the gaskets are installed to assure superior resistance to dust and mud.

Errr.... but seriously I don't mind owning the other models as well though. Can I please have one.

I felt the climax of the launch was Mr. Ibe presentation and his mantra of “Never Give Up”.
Mr. Ibe life long mission was to create an unbreakable watch and G-Shock as stunned the world over its toughness that defied conventional watch-making logic. Creating a technology that are able to resist gravity, freezing temperature, high water pressure and magnetic field.

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