Tuesday, March 17, 2020

East Wind Festival 2020 (Pesta Angin Timur 2020)

Have you heard of Pesta Angin Timur? Or East Wind Festival?
I was telling Wahidah the other day, wondering what is it all about.
What she told me kinda make sense. She said that usual paddy is being harvest usually dry/hot season, and that during this dry season the wind might be strong in the east side. Hemmm…. I never thought of that, pandai jugak this friend of mine huh.

This year is the 8th year Perlis held the Pesta Angin Timur was officiated by Raja Muda Perlis DYTM Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra ibni Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail dan Raja Puan Muda Perlis DYTM Tuanku Hajah Lailatul Shahreen Akashah Khalil. And this is the first time for me to attend such event, in fact it is my first trip ever to Perlis. The festival gets its name from the winter-to-summer cycle brought by the wind from the east to the state of Perlis. Organised by the National Department for Culture and Arts Perlis, in collaboration with government agencies, private sectors, NGOs and local community.

There were a few traditional activities/competition being held during this event and the below are the ones that I enjoyed the most.

Fishing competition

This is pretty standard, fishing competition was held at the water drainage (tali air). Categories are the first that catches a fish, the biggest fish as well as the most win a prize.

Bubu fishing competition (Mengagau ikan)

A rather unique activity and I have only seen it twice so far, yet to try it. Participants were give a plastic bag to keep the fish that they caught and how one catches a fish is by using a bubu; a traditional fish trap. Bubu is a cylindrically-shaped woven bamboo whose gate is narrowing inward. Participant that caught the most fish wins.

Duck catching competition

This is interesting too (no duck was harm during this activity, all ducks were released after the event), participants catch the duck using bare hand. Amazingly some were able to catch 3 ducks. Speechless.

Chili-fishing competition

The funniest of them all. Not much to describe here but I would like to emphasize that is was really hilarious. You guys should try this in teambuilding activities.


Participants flying their beautiful unique kites. Public can try too.

Aside from competition, there are also product showcase near the main tent by Department of National Heritage, Tourism Malaysia, National Department for Culture and Arts, BERNAS, FAMA, Territorial Army Regiment showcasing tankers, bunkers, ration food artillery, animal traps and etc. And of course the popular activity was the Jerami Kingdom (haystack kingdom) lead by Lembaga Kemajuan Pertanian Muda (MADA) or Muda Agricultural Development Authority.

So guys, you know what to plan for next year, head to Perlis East Wind Festival and experience this for yourself.

This trip was made possible by Tourism Malaysia, Tourism Perlis, and Unic Astana Holidays as the trip planner/guide/coordinator

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