Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Nat Pokok Getah in Perlis

Gosh! I am so ecstatic with my Perlis trip, I don’t even know where to start nor which place to write first.
All I know is I fell in love with this hot (not hot sexy kinda hot, more like hot sweaty yet windy kinda hot) country.

RYO cigarette like the good old days

After putting a lot of thoughts, battling with my inner self, mind fighting, I finally decided to write on Nat Pokok Getah for my first ever Perlis blog entry. Reason being, this excites me the most, triggered my curiosity and left my mind wondering.

The first time I saw the itinerary, this came to my mind ‘Nat? like Natalie? Nathirah? Nat apakebenda?’. My next was ‘Pokok Getah? Apa pulak ni? Nat Pokok Getah. Ladang Getah kepunyaan Natalie? But its Pokok Getah not Ladang Getah!?!?’. So I proceed with googling the place down, a little sleuthing before venturing into a new territory seems like a great idea huh. Being the good girl that I am (boleh percaya ke ni?!?), I googled every product (POI) in the itinerary. Nat Pokok Getah stood out…. Praying hard that I don’t need to visit ladang getah and start a toreh activity (I did it before and the tree injured badly, not my proudest moment I must say).

Pulut Ayam / Sticky rice with fried chicken (Thai style)

Malaysia kuih/dessert

I learnt that ‘Nat’ means pasar pagi/hari or morning market to the local. And Nat Pokok Getah or Rubber Tree Moring Market (weird huh, I know) has been in operation since 1998, from 7am till noon. Located in Pauh district, Nat Pokok Getah involves approximately 300 traders hence do come early as parking can get really tough. I would also advice one to puasa (fasting) before coming here as the local delicacies can make you go bonkers (or fat).

The Nat is split into 2 section one is next to the kubur melayu (malay cemetery) and the other on jerat cina side (Chinese cemetery) for this simple reason the Nat is in the morning cos if it is a pasar malam (night market), NO ONE (read : human) will be attending. Hahhahhahhaa….. this is a joke tau. It is split into 2 section, one (nearer to the small carpark area) is where the food is, and the other side (rubber tree and durian tree side) is more on clothing as well as vintage and antique stuff (similar to Pasar Lokan in Ipoh). Click HERE if you wanna view IG Story of the Nat…. meriah!

Pulut ikan masin / sticky rice with fried salted fish


I highly recommend those visiting Perlis to drop by at Nat Pokok Getah (every Sunday if not mistaken). The food is aplenty, and I managed to eat for the 2nd time my all times favourite – pulat ayam (well, basically pulut with ayam goreng). Then I ate meehun sup (I have to right, after all it is a northern region delicacy), their paktongkol is sumpah sedap giler, I bought this beautiful kuih melayu just because it was so beautiful (no other reason) and so many many more. You have to check out my IG Story videoHERE lah, else you can imagine my excitement.

Leech ointment (I think)

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