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Perlis | Warung Tepi Sawah

Warung Tepi Sawah or Stall by the Paddy Field is one of the famous breakfast place in Perlis. Located in Bintong, #Perlis this restaurant rose to fame because of the scenic serene view plus the fact that the food selection is wide and delicious lah. Honestly speaking I was excited with the venue itself that I forgot to ask the story behind it but later I did ask the guide on its origin.

It started as a small warung and perhaps wanted it to be unique hence setting it up next to the paddy field. Little did the owner know it will be so popular. I personally believe that the reason behind the success not only due to its location but also the food. Me for instance I had the nasi lemak hijau, and between the 8 of us we ordered pulut ikan masin, apom lenggang, capati, roti telur bakar gedik and peknga. Habis semua we all nak try, kiasu!

Pulut Ikan Masin (sticky rice with fried salted fish)

Upon reading, I found out that not only this delicacy is famous in Kedah (awat I tak tau, my mom orang Kedah pun tak pernah cerita), it is also available in Terengganu. But you know what, since I first saw this in Perlis so I am calling it dibs. Perlis it is.

Pulut or sticky rice is eaten with fried salted fish (and I suppose fried dried fish will taste nice too) together with grated fresh coconut. No gravy accompanying this set. Some sprinkle fried shallot, this will overall enhance the aroma and taste.

Apom Lenggang (swing/swirl pancake)

I have tried apam balik (turnover pancake) and apom manis (sweet pancake) but ma yet to try apom lenggang, though I have heard it many times. I think I need to balik my mom’s kampong more often lah. Anyway, I learnt that apom lenggang is a northern delicacy and that it is eaten with sambal ikan bilih bawang (anchovies and onion sweet chili paste).

Apom or appam is a type of pancake originated from South India and Sri Lanka, it is made with rice flour, yeast and coconut milk, usually eaten during breakfast.


Another form of pancake. Peknga is short for tempek belanga (tempek : stick, belanga : pot), and it is served with fish curry or sambal. It looks like capati and eaten like one too (the curry remember). The dough is made of flour, grated coconut, water and salt to taste. Peknga can be found in Kedah, Perlis and Kelantan (mebbe Terengganu too kot).

Roti Bakar Telur Gedik

Similar to Roti Telur Goyang in Penang, this is toasted bread with kaya spread and half boiled egg on top. As the half boiled egg wiggles… hence it is called toasted bread with wiggly egg. Yeah…. I just created it English name.

Kaya is basically coconut jam (coconut milk, eggs and sugar). A popular spread Southeast Asia, mainly in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

So yeah! If you are in Perlis, Warung Tepi Sawah is a must breakfast place and the local food mentioned is a must must try. Kalau tak try, nyesal nanti.

Warung Tepi Sawah
Jalan Wang Ulu

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