Friday, September 11, 2009

Adios Barcelona

day 12 (Sept’07). Heading East.

Sad to leave Barcelona, wish I have another few weeksss of leaves. Anyway, we drag our heavy heart and our super heavy luggage to the bus stop to airport (they have a bus stop for buses to airport. WOW!) Then the usual drill; look for counter, check-in, and wait for our flight to Casablanca. Oh yah! We have to stay one night in Casablanca as our flight is from Casablanca, transit in Dubai then head home to Malaysia.

We stayed in the same hotel in Casablanca, didn’t do much, walk around the medina while waiting for break fast time. One thing we did find it different as compared to the last round we stayed were here was that the locals were happily singing after dinner hour till midnight. WOW! Where did they get the energy!?! Envy!
After the break fast, we lepak; browsed our pics, check-out what we have purchased and tabulate whether is it sufficient or whether we need to buy more at the airport. CHECKED! YUP! ENOUGH! Phew… Sleep time...zzzzz...

Back to reality.

Credits : Wikipedia, Skyscrapercity

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