Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ola! Barcelona!

day NINE (Sept’07). Bye bye Granada.

Nothing much today except that we making our way to BARCELONA!!!!!! YEAY! Alls well time around (there can only be one Tangier incident).

We took a plane as land journey is way too long, Granada airport is PRETTY small I must say, reminded of Langkawi’s airport back in those day or perhaps even smaller.

Reached Barcelona in the afternoon, checked in and went straight to La Rambla Street. We arrange so that we can arrive during this week so that we can catch the Festes de la Merce festival. It is to celebrate the day of the city's patron saint ... the Virgin de la Merce. There were parade of the giants when a processions through the streets is made up of giant wooden figures (gegants) operated by people (yup! Internet again!).We didn’t manage to catch the human pyramid however did catch a colorful mime act. Boy! Were they good! We took loads of pics.

As we were still fasting…. Felt rather jaded. Went back to hostel to rejuvenate and prepare for an exciting day in Barcelona.

Barcelona here we come.

Credits : Spanish-Fiestas, Wikipedia

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