Monday, September 14, 2009

New Zealand Mind Gathering

I told myself that I will blog the countdown of my trip to “The land of the long white cloud” or Aotearoa; Maori name for New Zealand. I thought I should start now since I just finished my blog on my trip to Morocco and Spain, can’t do any blog now except local trip as I probably need 1 or 2 entry kinda thing.
I will be leaving to NZ almost 1 week after Idul Fitri, this time around no traveling during fasting month - did this for Morocco/Spain trip as well as Italy - tiring (but save on dollars though). I roughly have the idea on how and what to blog but to pen it down…sigh… MALAS with a capital M A L A S ! (exclamation mark lagi tuh!). After a glass of teh tarik (which normally keeps me wide awake - shouldn't have drank this = WRONG MOVE! Tomorrow is a working day pulak! ARGH!!!). Suddenly mood and ideas datang mencurah curah like beribu ribu lemon! Must be the teh tarik.

Sigh….. Many sigh to come….

I haven't packed my luggage, haven’t decided on which luggage to bring, let’s not start on clothes, and accessories (!!!), HAVEN’T EVEN BOOK accommodation!!! Awww man! This is the most last minute trip I have ever done, wait a minute - did similar for Hawaii, aahhh….. That explains the panic attack. The only thing that is ready is my passport and toiletries (as I have them on standby at any time, beats the packing and unpacking).

OK! OK! Let’s thing positively. I have my backpack ready with my NEW collection of Stitch name tag (ehhehe…. Distinctively CUTE huh!). Then there’s my new passport Stitch cover (Yup! I know! It’s cute - I bought it at Petaling Street for RM4.90 ONLY! PROUD!) We got that out of the way. Oh! I have a pouch with my name on it too. A must brag. Hahaha…..
What are trips with my favourite traveling book - DK Eye Witness; loads of visual (hate those with too much text, hey! Am on a trip, I am NOT going to do that much reading. DUH!) Also bought an “Insight” map, very comprehensive… HAPPY!
Oh! The must remember to bring - air suction bag, travel adapter (bringing 2 different type - KIASU), utensil set, extra luggage tag & medicine/first aid set (panadol, counter pain, ENO, charcoal pill, bandage, vics, minyak angin, nail clipper (how did it got in there), sanitizer, vitamin C and mosquito repellant.
Next! GADGETS! This is rather standard for all my trips except for one new item - my new VIVIENNE TAM Limited Edition HP Mini Notebook. Since I have started to blog, I might as well try to blog daily during this trip, plus I need to do some work lar… (what else is new right…). Other then this, my PSP, iPod Nano, Canon Ixus Camera and thumb drive. I foresee that my luggage will be heavy because of all these and not due to my winter clothing. Sucker for technology!

Oh! I rather obsess with my gadgets “clothing” as well, I wanna have it properly “MATCH”. Seriously, I would much prefer to have all my gadgets GREEN (my fav colour) but I can’t seem to find a green PSP or notebook (die hard HP brand), so I settle for earth tone - brown. My notebook gets all the “ang ang” colour = RED.

Not sure whether this is being practice by many people, but I have few purses for each country’s currency (depending on how many countries I touch per trip lar), this is easier to manage so that I won’t get it mixed up (did that those days before Europe became ONE, a mixed up between Swiss Franc and French Franc, HELL! Learnt from that). And as how it should be for me - all GREEN purses…ahhahah…. Usually uses the M & Keroppi, the one with circle was purchased last year during my Bali trip. Perhaps I could officiate it during this trip? Hemm…

Biggest problem, we doing a transit of MH to Virgin Blue (low cost carrier)… meaning form 30kg to 20kg of luggage weight. My gadgets alone will weight a lot and take a lot of space. So…… which luggage? My GREEN Benetton “L” size or should I loan from my sis her orange “M” size (orange = sis favourite colour). *ponder*. To decide when I start packing.
Shopping bag! I recalled being charged for using super mart plastic in Sweden, didn’t know it’s chargeable - 25cent our currency and I got 3 plastic bags…. That 75cent. I shall bring and protect Mother Nature! The thing is, my foldable blue bag or purple OZ bag? Hem…. Choices! Choices! Choices!
Hemmm… what else, oh! oH! OH! Since I will writing postcards for my nieces and family members (it’s a habit), my sis bought me a Stitch stamp for my “bird-day”…. ehehehheee…. bringing it along.

There’s 3 things am not sure whether to bring or not to bring…
1. torch light
3. External HDD

Next, what to wear… to bring… to pack?

Credits : Wikipedia, MalaysianAirlines, VirginBlue, DK, Pendrive, Canon, Apple, Sony, Lomo


Noor Hafirdaus said...

i want to know how much your flight ticket?MH and Virgin Blue. Why u doing a transit? actually i'm looking the cheapest tix to new zealand, do u have any tips?

Lily Riani said...


1. I got the flight to Brisbane at RM400 per way via MH, at that point of time there wasnt any AA flight to NZ.
2. Virgin Pacific was RM1000 return and this was due to I entered via Christchurch and exited via Wellington.
3. Direct flight to NZ at that point of time was RM4k or so.

Hope above info helps.

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