Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Journey to the Middle Earth

Day 1 (26 Sept’09). The journey begins.

Woke up superbly early, ahhh…… my journey to New Zealand. We took MH flight to Brisbane and book Sir Richard Branson flight - Virgin Pacific to Christchurch (I just have to mention RB don’t I).

Fooling around with the Andrea’s new toy and thought this will be good profile pic for my Facebook.

Played with my darling camera, random snap shots of my nonsense - iPod, took a pic of my shoe and the changgih camera owner (boring maaa). We slept through out our flight to Brisbane as we hardly enough sleep - must be the excitement.By the way, I just realise, the food served not only have a HALAL sign but they also have a logo for Kosher, hemm… interesting. Aside from that, they also indicated that they don’t have peanut (for those with allergy) but is baked in the same oven of other products with nuts. Other then that, we were served the normaly airplane food lar, no biggy.
Reached Brisbane close to midnight as we have to transit in Sydney (without us knowing). We stayed one night in Brisbane (reach at nearly midnight) at Brisbane City Backpacker. Took a 6pax per dorm as we were just staying for few hours before we catch our next flight to Middle Earth.


Credits : Brisbane City Backpacker, Virginblue, Wikipedia

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