Saturday, September 19, 2009

How prepared am I for NZ?

Sigh….. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT READY! Wished I have 1 more week. Loads of work to clear, and half the month gone to my trip during the last month of my co.'s Q409 cum FY09 closing. Bad timing huh! It was well planned earlier on but I guess the marketing activities is so fluid that now I feel bad going for long hols. Nahh….. I bet the guilt will last me for 1 day ie until my feet touch the next country. Muahhahaha…….and my work? You guys “chap sang” lar… MUAHHAHAH *a more evil laugh*

Seriously, how lar….?

OK! Lets see what I’ve done and try to stay positive (note the word “try”). What I have accomplished so faaar? Hemm...

1. Booked all accommodation except for Mount Cook, not sure whether to stay at Mount Cook or Twizel. Getting Andrea’s feedback on this as well…. My opinion - Twizel, Why? The name is CUTE! (ada ke pulak)

2. Accidentally book wrongly (ie extra one day) for Wellington, need to drop an email to inform them… revised the spreadsheet which was done earlier. My bad! :(

3. Booked TranzAlpine and TranCoastal, and the TranzCoastal tix is a direct journey from Christchurch to Picton, and ferry ride from Picton to Wellington. YEAY! Taking ferry.

4. Booked Noah’s Backpacker in Greymouth, hopng to get either the penguin or zebra room… *wish wish wish* and I get to see my Pancake Rock ROCK!

5. Confirmed seat on Milford Overnight Cruise to see the fiords. No expectation instead am keeping my expectation open (!?!?! what are you trying to say here gurl?)


7. Andrea’s favourite - Il Divo concert tix in Christchurch - done by hers truly.

8. Brisbane’s Brisbane City Backpacker in front of Coles…. Heaven.

9. Gold Coast - consider it approved!

Hey.... Not THAT bad, I think I am on the right track…phew….

Credits :, Transcenic, Realjourneys, Citybacpacker, Shotoverjet, Dosomethingdifferent, Notjustthekitchen, Hostelworld, Skyscrapercity, Imajicon

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