Thursday, July 12, 2012

My 2H12 Travel Plan

We have entered into our second half of 2012 (2H12) and I have visited 2 countries so far; Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

My travel plan evolve weekly as unpredictable as the weather in Malaysia. Hahhahahha.... too bad lar kan.

I have so far succeeded (by my own silly scale) in achieving my own set target, which is - Cuti-Cuti Malaysia. Basically travel locally, searching for those unique places, town, eatries in my own backyard - Malaysia.

I have to say, I am proud of myself on this.. So far, I have visited Kilim Geopark in Langkawi, Taiping, nice eateries in Melaka, and east coast town - Cherating, Temerloh (?!), Kemaman, Cukai (didn't even know there's a place called Cukai...) and few others. And to top it all, this weekend I will be going to REDANG. And oh yah! I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO ANY ISLAND IN EAST COAST MALAYSIA. Biggest achievement ever! Giler jakun ok!

Pssst.... do you know there's a beach in Trengganu call Monica Bay?? Hhehehhe....

Next target would be Kelantan, where in specific? Secret!!!! Adam, jangan cite kat orang!!!!

I also set a stretch target (cam keje kat opis lak) ie to visit 3 new countries this year if rezeki permits. So far I have been to one - Sri Lanka. FANTASTIC country! Highly recommend you to visit here, will share more infos (blogged half of them as I pen down this entry). Hemmm... so 1 down, 2 to go.... mana nak gi yek???

And another thing, after visiting Phnom Penh assisting the Misi Kembara Prihatin team, I think I should make it a yearly event ie visiting a country and help the poor there... let's just see how it goes. Belum habis pikir lagi.

Now, at 3:46am Thursday morning, am still thinking, which 2 countries I should visit this year. It must be a low cost country as I am saving for a mega trip next year.

So, anyone bought Air Asia's Kathmandu tix???


Adam bin Ahmad said...

LOL. Kelantan je pun. Hahaha
Kathmandu tiket ada jumpa RM 399 semalam. gila murah !

randy said...

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Mie said...

Nak ke negara yg low cost saya cadang gi Laos dan Myanmar... :D

Diana Diane Teo said...

Lily, have a great trip with the #travelholicawesome geng! Been to Redang Island before for my gradution trip. Now planning for Perhentian Island =D

Lily Riani said...


misi CCM ok! few more in aug/sept.


thanks for your comment


i belum gi lagi to laos & myanmar but rasa 2 negara nih kene ada lelaki as bodyguard kot


i bet perhentian is gonna be beautiful! i never knew east coast island is sooooooo serene and mesmerizing. next i wanna visit mabul!

Anonymous said...

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