Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Acupuncture Cupping Therapy (KL)

I have been whining on my pain for the last 1 month plus, normally to my colleague Felicia and my sis. At times to Wahidah & Kim. How bad? I was rushed to hospital before as I went all pale (almost fainted) and Felicia got panicked and rushed me to DSH and they performed few test and x-rayed etc.

After couldn't bare with the pain anymore (should have gone a month ago, but as usual lar - STUBBORN!), hence I decided to visit the acupuncturist that I frequented. Obviously they asked me to revisit for on Wednesday as one session wasn't sufficient (Hah! Padan muka, degil lagi!).

Oh yah! Dah googled, acupuncture tak membatalkan puasa. Kot ler ada orang wondered. But if ada different school of thoughts, do share yah.

Well, it worked well for me so far (dengan izin Allah, insyaallah)... as this is very subjective, my suggestion is to check it out yourself. As I said, with god's help...

By the way, what I did was acupuncture cupping. Slightly different from the normal acupuncture you've seen.

I did a fire therapy last year, check it out here.
Like normal clinic, you need to register etc... and they keep your record and all.
The beds... it's clean, no worries. Insyaallah.

Why the mat/tikar? Reason being... blood. Scroll down and you will understand.

They'll acupuncture (Yup! Poke the needle) at the identified area. Nope, not painful.

Then they put the suction cup at the identified area and 'suck' the blood/gas/wind out. Similar concept to those using fire/heat cupping. (So, darah kotor/toxin tuh keluar ler kan).

Nih kira sikit jek darah dia, you should see those pictures I snap on their wall.

Once completed, they will wipe and clean the blood then they'll spray tea tree antiseptic.

Normally we tend to have angin or wind/gas on our shoulder thus this is how it will look like (Yea lah, asyik duduk mengadap computer jek kan). If banyak angin  lagi merah/purple... lepas tuh rasa ringan sikit. However, shoulder wasn't my problem though.

This is the machine.
Cam yucky kan? The cup will be washed & clean properly, I asked the same question.

Acupuncture point.
The 'white/clear' liquid is apparently fat. I know, abit geli kan.

Told you that my blood was considered as nothing as compared to the above.
Their contact and sickness that they can help.

Good Luck.


Biqque said...

khee pau? mcm kipau jer hehehe!

malay calls it bekam. never tried. so how do u fell now?

MasZuber said...

macam seram jea lily..

BlueEwoke said...

Berbekam sunah Nabi jugak..i teringin nk cube gak kekekek

Lily Riani said...


kipau tuh apa? much better, else sakit giler since last month. takut admit again sbb mmg penah kene. last wk patut kene gi but sebuk lak.


between seram and getting better... i will go for it.


gi ler if tehre's a need.

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