Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 2b | Bamboo River Rafting in Chiang Mai

Continuing from previous entry.

After riding the elephant around the janggel jungle (well, around sounds abit dramatic right, hahahaa...) and of cause seeing the locals taking the bamboo raft, it was no surprise that the whole group INSISTED to do the same. After all, the river is only knee deep the most (I think). Thus, that is just what we did. We drove about 2-3km further up to where the starting point is located. 

You'll see few raft on standby... we were excited, but at the same time surprised. WHY? Continue reading if you want to know, I have pics to proves it.

We discuss and group ourselves by-raft, Andrea and me-self plus Kak LV's sons will be on the same raft, and the rest... I can't remember. Hhahahaha.... Too excited, me like that.

At first we thought it was easy as the river appears calm... TET!!!! WRONG!!!!

There are a few sections of river rapid and it can get abit scary.... WHY you may ask. Remember earlier on I told you we were "surprised", well... this is way....

The rower is a LITTLE BOY aged 10-12yrs old. TEN!!!!! How crazy is that! It does make sense that I was a wee bit worried right. Aside from the fact I get paranoid easily lah. Wouldn't you?

YUP! This is how it looked like from this end here.... wave wave!

This is when we are at calmer water, the gap narrows between one raft to the other.

Konon surfing ler.... drama giler ok!

At times (eerrrr... all the time), rapid is at this strength and water splashes in.

As we appraoches the elephant sanctuary and the hanging bridge.

Didn't realised the bridge was that high... siou!

It then took us to a picnic sport which I feel Malaysia rivers should adapt this idea.


Finally we reaches the end of the rafting journey.

They took us on the back of their pickup truck. Hemmm.....Reminded of Dan Arif's macho honcho pick-up... ehhehhe... leh buat cam nih lain kali dak?


Don't bother to walk to the starting point as it is far.

As we arrive, we saw a MOBILE ROTI CANAI seller. It was super duper YUMMEH! Their's is with milk and chocolate, John Danny would love this I bet!

There, the chocolate....!

If only Malaysia have this! Happy suka sedap gilosss!

After all the yummeh roti canai, our pants/shirt was still a bit damp,  so Andrea and myself decided to walk to the nearest destination ie waterfall area. And Kak LV kids too wanted to be as adventurous and hitch hike with us.... crazy neh!?!? My successors (note the plural)! HAHHAHAH.....


Four kids and 2 adults.... hitch hiking.

We entered a small village and asked Kak LV eldest son to ask the direction to the waterfall, unfortunately his Thai wasn't as good as the mom. Apalaaarrr...  Just about then, Kak LV drove by and pick us up to our next destination - Maewang Waterfall. Thank goodness for that as the waterfall is another 10km or so.... no way we're gonna walk. Hahhahahaaa...

Here's the thing, Kak LV use to be based in Chiang Mai for 5 years or so, the last few visit to Chiang Mai was to catch up with her. She would then show us all those off-the-beaten-track places. Unfortunately for the last 2 years or so, the whole family was relocated to Kuching. Sodih...


After the short rest by the waterfall, we headed home.

Another day, another adventure awaits us. Stay tune.

Hyperlink credit : Thailand Travel Tours



Janggel said...


Best giler lily dapat naik rakit buluh!!! teringin nak try!

Danny / John said...

bestnyaaa!!!! nak try jugakkk!!!

tibe2 i rse mcm kalo bawak kamera besar naik rakit tu takut jatuh coz current lajuuuuuu tp still seronoknyaaa kalo dpt g sana!

Mie said...

Rugi tak buat semua mende ni dulu... kena repeat nih

Ely Hasrul said...

beshnyeeee naik rakittt!! i suka sungai mcm nih.. kalu mandi beshhh (minus imaginary anaconda, jaws and buaya all)

Anash said...


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