Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 1 | Anusarn Market Shopping, Chiang Mai

This is a 2009 trip I did with Andrea, I realised I haven't blogged any of them. 

Yah! I went to Chiang Mai a couple of times. Love Chiang Mai so much, in fact I visited Thailand almost yearly with exception of last year. But of cause I did not keep going and doing the same old thing lar. To be honest, I try my best to cover the main attraction as well as those off-the-beaten track sort of stuff. So far I have blogged on my short Chiang Mai trip with sis and where we did the Microlight flight ride, you can read more HERE.

Anyway, this is a 4D3N trip, we did not do much aside from having Baskin Robbins (will share on the "why" details at the end of this entry) on the day we arrive. Then we went back to our room and hang-out and lepak while waiting for the Anusarn Night Market folks to start their business.

It's not that big, what I like is the fact that it is an open air concept hence there's no feeling of stuffiness. If you visit Chiang Mai during winter, the weather is even better, more like PEEEERFECT! Chilly at night, and extremely good for sightseeing during day time.

Oh! I always make sure the hotel/hostel I book is a walking distance form here, there's 2 main reason basically :

1. Muslim Restaurant (Halal) - super yummy buy you have to wait a LOOOOOOONG while, so make sure that you reach here around 6ish for dinner. It's located in Anusarn Market itself.

2. The fruit juice/smoothies, it's cheap with lotsa fruits. A must drink? The strawberry!!!

Just behind this juice stall, you will see stalls selling crackers such as DURIAN cracker (you heard me alright!) JACKFRUIT craker, flower tea, local cottage industry stuff etc.

I think this is some sort of worm...
Just at the entrance of Anusarn Night Market, you can see few massage parlor, a must go, a foot massage for Baht 200.. worth it!

This is what I thought was very interesting, mobile ATM machine.... how cool is that!

The part I like best, their Baskin Robbins promotion ROCKS! Not only that....

 ..... the price!!! CHECK IT OUT!
It's cheaper then Malaysia. ARGH!!!!!!!! I miss Thailand!

2nd Day activities was a surprise, Andrea's friend Kak LV took us to this great adventure up the jungle, waterfall, road hike with kids, onion farm/field, truck ride, bamboo river rafting etc... Sigh...and lots more.

Stay tune for my next entry.

Hyperlink credit : Visit Chiang Mai


Danny / John said...

i always wanted to visit chiang mai 1 day. need to ask travelholic to follow me any time sooner.

how many days shud i allocate?

Lily Riani said...

too many activities, it's like mini queenstown, alot of extreme sport. soooo i suka! but becos it's near and cheap, i visit frequent.

i normally do a 4d3n every visit, nothing much to shop tau. you need to travel outskirt for most of it. so, 5-6d can be done too.

Janggel said...

wow sedapnya aiskrim tuuuu!

i nak try buat land trip to chiangmai....

Mie said...

Anusarn night market terutamanya kat restoran makanan muslim tu dah berbumbung, nampak lebih tersusun...

Danny / John said...

i xmo shopping sangat sbb i dont think i can overthere. hahah i kan macam high class skit. #overst!!! hahaha.

kalo buat activiti mcm best jah. kalo pegi outskirt mcm lagi best..

janggel, nnt nk bwt landtrip jangan lupa ajak aku sekali tau!!!

Diana Diane Teo said...

I also plan to go Chiang Mai someday after my parents back from there last Feb. Saw ur comment reply to John/Danny. Now can start make planning. Thanks for the sharing.

Lily Riani said...


i did CM to BKK, in between stop by ancient kingdom of sukhothai. best gak.


ye ke... lama tak pegi, rindu. if berbumbung, nnt humid kot. is it?


i will blog on the activities... mmg bestest ok!

tak nak shopping, aci potong jacri shop brg rumah.

Lily Riani said...


there's so many places CM have to offer, you wait for my entriiiiieeesss yah. Hahhhah... i went to CM like 4 times, BKK 304 times, Phuket 3 times, Haadyai twice.

CM is the best so far.

Anash said...

sure ada jumpa the elephant neck ladies yang letak gelang kat kaki dan leher???
(lupa dah nama perkampungan itu..)

abbazeef-wanderlust said...

hye lily!

i one of your pembaca senyap. hehe..

btw according to my x-boss, chiang mai best sgt! jeles gile dgn dier cite2.

u pegi x yg tmpt yg buat umbrella2 tu?

btw is it really really u go to BKK for 304 times???!!!! wow! =p

Biqque said...

gila babs gi bkk sampai 300 kali!!! hahaha!

Lily Riani said...


kampung tuh - borsang. i did go but not this particular 2009 trip. nnt i blog abt it, i thk 2008 kot.


304 kali sbb i tinggal sana dulu kejap. AHHAHAHHAHAHAH.....

typo error - 3-4 times jek. drama tuh, baik kahwin orang sana kan. AHHAHAH.... nnt u tunggu i nye next entry pagi esok... adventure giler i.


304 kali, ada bran? HAHAHHAHAH.....

MasZuber said...

i nak pi chiang mai gakkkkk

nak layan sunflower tueeeee

abbazeef-wanderlust said...

@lily - hahaha...i pon xtau. dah g BKK 2 kali pon rs mcm nk g lg. hahahaha... ok. kalo kawen dah xterkira dah. hahaha

next post mesti dasat ni. yeay!

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