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Things To Do In Selangor on a Day Trip (Part 1) - Misi Suci

Reversed entry, the earlier entry posted (which supposedly be the 2nd entry) can be viewed HERE it's a video yah...)

This roadtrip started with Glazed Donut (nama glamour tuk Kuih Keria, attention seeker betul kuih nih)... well, kinda... Seriously, joke aside; this trip was named Misi Suci (Suci Mission) for a simple reason, one of our travelblogger Ely just gave birth to a darling baby girl named Sucisonia Maryam (and I thought my name was complicated); and she has to hibernate at her village (hometown) of Sekinchan to be taken care my her mom (anak manjos). Being us the hardcorde travelblogger, we decided to use this as an excuse to travel lar...

On the planned morning, as promised I brought Kuih Keria (all 30 of them) to our usual meeting point ie Chawanna's house. Janggel was there, later came Kaki Jalan & Kak Coco. John/Danny? Yeah... he is busy at Stockcountchan. HAHHAHHAHAA.... which means, most pic will have ME ME ME ME!!!!!! MUAHHAHAHHA *note the evil laugh*.

We drove and drove what seems like forever and ever, alas we arrive at our first destination - Bukit Melawati (located in Kuala Selangor)... obviously ignorant me haven't set foot at this place before thus the childish behavior.

But since it was drizzling ever since we start our 1.5hours journey, we thought why not have an early lunch instead (kuih keria tuh tak cukup ke rakan-rakan??). When it comes to food, hemmm.... see the "growing kids" smiling happily... kalah Aqilah.

Camwhore session and "someone" entered my frame... Cis her mata besau than mine.

We realised it stopped drizzling or perhaps we wanted to imagine it did... semuanye demi photo shoot, we head to Bukit Melawati ie a beautiful fortress for Selangor during the olden days.

Janggel - the torn among the roses... glam dengan payung Aqilah.

Off we goooooo...

This small peak was once home to a mighty fortress built by Sultan Ibrahim of Selangor towards the end of the 17th century, an effort to safeguard the state from Dutch forces that had conquered Malacca, a little further down south. The fort faced the sea with a commanding view of the coastline and the Selangor River mouth. Built with solid slabs of stone and held by massive pillars, it was certainly an impressive sight during its days. Despite all its stature, the fort faltered in the face of powerful Dutch cannons and fell to their naval forces after a two week siege.

For those whom are like moi, ignorant of Kuala Selangor whereabout... tuh situuuu... can you see?!

As we approached the hill top, a few student (?!?!) asking direction to Japan...?!!!! Errr.... to see ayam sabung I heard. Whatever lar....

Just right there, we saw it... the lighthouse... very English oldskool I thought.

 Bye bye tram... Oh! Not to worry, it comes every 20mins or so.

We went into the Bukit Melawati Museum situated next to the cannon (apparently there's 68 cannon located here) & lighthouse. the museum was kinda interesting, BUT the best was I played runningman with Aqilah, excited giler dia...

This is when Kakak Coco realised she was actually descendant of Selangor Sultanate. Ampun Puanku.

I've also learnt that the Japanese and Dutch set foot in Selangor (and here I thought they only conquered Melaka).

Oh! This is my new camera casing purchased from Kyoto. Lawa dak?

There's many more to see in this small museum but we were rushing to our Sekinchan paddy field (posted HERE) plus completing our Misi Suci (Suci Mission).

We hopped back on the tram and it took us down the hill, we passed by few nice spots ie Makan DiRaja (Sultan's Tomb), Batu Hampar, Poisoned Well, Silver Leaf Monkey areas etc.

More stories HERE from Vintage Malaya.

Before that, I as shocked to see this monkey attempting to do BUNGEE JUMPING! Hhahahha....

The tram took us around the surrounding foot hill area as well... it stops at Taman Alam Kuala Selangor and Kolam Ikan Air Tawar Kuala Selangor. (All place to visit are hyperlinked).

I must stay at the chalet on the next trip, the mangroves are lovely! Next..... Meeting up with Sucisonia Maryam.

Hyperlink credits : Vintage Malaya, Kuala Selangor Info


Ely Hasrul said...

torn among roses? ape jadik ngan cawan? hahhaha

Ely Hasrul said...

p/s- i nak keria tuh pas pantang!

Cawan said...

1st kesian dgn Danny, tp takpe dia gigih jugak meredah ke rumah Suci..

2nd Kuih Keria tu sungguhhhh sedappp! freshhh!! next meetup bleh order dgn Riany ni, tp kena tong2 duit laa ramai2 :p

3rd, it our 1st time sampai Kuala!!

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