Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hotel Review | Philea Resort & Spa - Melaka (Malacca)

~ This is not a paid advertorial, review is base purely on blogger's view/experience ~

I recently reccee-d Philea Resort & Spa in Ayer Keroh, Melaka (Malacca), was very skeptical in the beginning as I don't want to put any high expectation as usual. But oh boy! Was I wrong.... the hotel was impressive, like very very impressive! I have to admit, I was in awe and in fact surprised that this is located in Melaka, MALAYSIA (Malacca) and not some beach town in Europe. It was done well and every little details was being taken into consideration.

Above is the picture of the lobby waiting area. Yeah, forgotten to take a pic outside. Silly me!

This is the view from the lobby while waiting for the resort staff to assist and show us around.

As the whole resort is chalet concept, buggy is being use extensively. Not to worry, one can still walk from point to point :) for the pathway is beautifully shaded. Trust a lazy bum like me, it's really not that far.... Hhahaha...
Philea Resort & Spa is build base on log concept and was recognized by The Malaysian Book of Records (MBR) as the 'First Log Resort' and the 'Largest Log Resort'. You'll notice the MBR certificate at the lobby itself.

Check out HERE for the resort fact sheets on what amenities available here.

The log cabin/room.

Very cosy and romantic, I can just imagine how beautiful it looks like at night. Sigh.... *dreamy*

The Pavilion, 4 chalet/room per pavilion. Room categories HERE.

Resort LAYOUT HERE for easy reference.

This is the suite chalet/room. Sweet huh.... loving it.

Ballroom, I can imagine doing grand thematic dinner here or telematch on the grown floor.
The bedroom is moderate in size with bath tub, TV, etc.... Not bad!

 Relaxation area for the grown ups.

For those who wants to stay, please check their website HERE, you can also access the resort location HERE. It's fairly easy, located right at the Ayer Keroh toll gate; very hard to miss the signage.

I will be blogging on attractions/things to do in Historical City of Melaka (Malacca) - A UNESCO Heritage City after this.
Stay tune.

Hyperlink credits : Philea Resort & Spa

~ This is not a paid advertorial, review is base purely on blogger's view/experience ~


just.HY said...

best gilerrr resort ni kan!!! kalo i nak stay mmg tak mampu ler. but why not kalo dapat stay like 1 night kat sini. ok i nk menabung dari sekarang!

Lily Riani said...

groupon promo... check ler... i tak kaya & posh cam you john. *muka sedih memandang lantai*

Ely Hasrul said...

aritu time plan cik ro ke USS papi ajak singgah sini otw balik tp before kansel USS papi dh kansel awal2 resort nih tp xingat alasan dia, dia kata ade bende yg tak besh. i tgk harga semlm je terus tak besh haha

Ren said...

OMG Cantek kan tempat ni.. rasa macam kat obersi!

Meitzeu said...

A beautiful resort in the middle of the heritage town. :) Impressive.


Anash said...

suka dgn bau kayu dalam bilik ...
soooooo fresh ...
(ada ker jual air freshener kete berbau kayu hutan??*tetiba*)

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