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Day 3 | Bhubing Palace, Chiang Mai

I know! I know! Am jumping my entry all over the place from one country to another, many apologies! Just that as I blog on one, I happen to go on Cuti-cuti Malaysia road trip; and being KIASU me, I want to do teaser entry on it too (GREEDY). Sigh..... anyways... I have always complete my story mory of my trip, right!??! So worry not yah!

Before I start, I would like to make a statement to #TravelholicAwesome (wow! Suspense dak!!??!), this entry is partially dedicated to Kak Coco Channel (KCC - I can't dedicated fully cause am selfish maah... cit!). Why???? Because.... pokok pokok pokok (trees/plant), bunga bunga bunga (flowers)..... :) Bila nak gi Chiang Mai nih, KCC? So, yang lain; sila jeles!

On our 3rd day in Chiang Mai, Kak LV took us to Bhubing Palace; a Royal Residence located in Doi Buak Ha, Muang District. About less then a hour drive from where we stay (ie near Anusarn Night Market).

Excerpt from Wikipedia :
It was built in 1961 to accommodate the royal family during state visits to the north of the country. There is also a guesthouse for receiving foreign dignitaries. It is built in the mountains overlooking Chiang Mai, to take advantage of the cool mountain air. The rose gardens are particularly famous (Suan Suwaree), and many flowers are grown here that could not otherwise be grown in Thailand.

Yes, we believe it was a cross breed of Cherry Blossom species in Japan (but awat besau sangat pokok nye). I tried googling it but obviously hard to get any info, so if anyone of you knows anything about this tree breed, do share with me okay. Thank you in advance!

It was a nice ride up the mountain palace, oh yah! The palace is situated on top of the hill/mountain, thus the weather is chilly/cooling suitable for this wonderful trees. Macam cool kan... One must remember, Chiang Mai is slightly cooller/chillier in winter season.... and at night you felt it even more. So, bawak light jacket tau.

Here is how the flowers look like. Mind the "un-sharpness" and "un-focusness", come-on give me a break; back in 2009 am not that experience taking al-changgih pics lar... aside from that, it's beautiful right? Right? Right? Hhahahha... I think I bokeh the wrong section, apa apalah monyet.

Okay, here is the entrance... the compound is huge but since it is a private property, we can't go in as suspected.

One of the cottages here... the pics abit blueish and greenish cause I was playing with accent GREEN function on my camera, sigh...... regret gilos.

This is our darling host, Kak LV (Elvy). She was based here for 5 years or so, but now relocated to Kuching. JOM KUCHING!

KCC!!!!! FLOWER POWER tak?!?

I honestly and sincerely am clueless on the species or name of these flowers. All I know is that, it look BEAUTIFUL!

Black Tea Rose! Hemmmmm.... first time I heard of such... Have you? Couldn't get it in google, of cause I hardly put effort as I am already sleepy now (1:04am NOW! Gigih!).

My turn to be in pics. Hehheh....

We were thrilled that the "sakura" tree is also part of the in-park decor in this palace area. Nice nehh..

The view from Bhubing Palace.... I here present you - CHIANG MAI!

Most might not know about this, second hand book shop is aplenty here. Kid you not!
The best thing is that the owner is not a local.... jeng jeng jeng... and friendly too ok! Location? I will need to ping Kak LV on this. Hahhaah....

After the book hunt, we went yet to another Night Market, but this time around; it's different. It's the LONGEST and most POPULAR Night Market and said to be cheap!

We walked for 1km or so, after that we call it a night. Hahhaha... what we forgot was that, it's another 1km back to our car!!!! *Faint*. Instead.... we took a tuk tuk to the car, SMART huh!

Excerpt from 1stopchiangmai :
The Chiang Mai Night Market is considered legendary and certainly one of the cheapest places for tourists to shop in Thailand, owing to its close proximity to the source of products and the lower cost of living in Chiang Mai. It is situated along a three-block stretch of Chan Klan Road in the heart of the city, and within walking distance of most hotels.

Cheap? Dirt cheap!

Would you be interested to visit Chiang Mai now? You should!


Janggel said...

Wow chiang mai! A must go place! Cantik la ♧ sakura tu. Huh!!!! Mencik, untuk kak Coco je? Mencik! Hahaha

Anash said...

why oh why during my trip i didnt realise thessssssssssssssssseee pokok and bunga?????????

envy you!!!
kena repeat trip kah???

entry for me
hounoured sangat!!! tqtqtqtqtq
lap you!!!!muahhhh

BlueEwoke said...

wow cantiknye..tak sangka ada sakura kat chiang mai.. sebenarnye kt US ngn kt europe pun ada sakura gak, masa i kat nz ari tu pn kat japan je yg diorg dh tradisi kan..tempat lain cam..biasa2 jek..

Lily Riani said...


just realised byk bunga, then remember ada nature lover kan. you nye later i draft entry... hehehh utan nye.


mmg kene gi again... i suka sbb CM simple and tak hectic, bgn kul 8ish, lepak2... activities, mlm night market. tiap ari cam nih. diarang byk night market.


you are absolutely right. kat sweden pun ada, mebbe tweaked the breed to ensure leh tahan weather kan. in fact my friend kat sweden kata; the japs in sweden sambut tau.

Biqque said...

what? bunga tu sebijik kot mcm sakura! patut cuba gigit batang pokok tu tgk rasa sama dak hehehe!

cis, len kali sakura pi chiang mai jer!

Danny / John said...

wow!!! sakura dia lgi pinky compared to yg kat japan punye! cantikkkkkk!!!!


Lily Riani said...

I appeared in Phils Daily.

Cawan said...

best nye!! penuh dgn bunga2.. rase nk baring2 jek atas bunga tu.. tp nanti penyek pulak ye dak.. ha haa

masMZ said...

cessss utk KCC jer?????? nyampassss tawwwww....... taww. taww.

*jeling2 je tengok bunga lawa tu, hurmmmmmmm majuk. majuk....

Cawan, hamboih!!! rasa tak hengat2!

BlueEwoke said...

Look what i've found ..

Nak beli tiket ke chiang mai ler..napa malaysia tak nk tanam benda nih!! ishhhh..bole je nk hybrid kan dia..ish ish..

Lily Riani said...


so it is sakura... yeay! so, i got to see one in japan & one in cm.


jom, na kata next year, who else???? i mmg gi yearly, blk kampung.


so, you guys gi kan next yr. ahhahah...

Lily Riani said...


awat nak majuk, gi jek ler. hehehe...


penang ada but i am not sure sakura ke tak. mmg famous. u ggl ler.

gowestsumatra said...

menarik...tgh plan jgk nie..

Anonymous said...

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Just a Thai passerby said...

...Yes, we believe it was a cross breed of Cherry Blossom species in Japan (but awat besau sangat pokok nye). I tried googling it but obviously hard to get any info, so if anyone of you knows anything about this tree breed, do share with me okay. Thank you in advance!...>>> Wild Himalayan Cherry. Scientific name is Prunus cerasoides. A sub-spicy of Sakura family (Prunus family). In Thai we called "Nang Phaya Sue Kraoung". Usually bloom during Feb. on high mountains.

Lily Riani said...

just a thai passer by,

thank you for the info. we were wondering hard on this :)

I shall advice all my readers

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